Molehill Mountain Episode 137 – I Never Thought I’d Feel Bad For Sonic the Hedgehog

Seriously, I’ve never cared for the series but this is just cruel.

  • 8:24 – Valve cites “unknown costs and risks” for deciding not to sell Rape Day
  • 30:55 – Nintendo announces Labo VR with a web page but no video
  • 44:46 – Nintendo does not want to maximize profits on mobile by exploiting its fans
  • 53:35 – We spoil the hell out of Captain Marvel
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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.Chat Transcript:

6:55 PME. Zachary Knight​Hello Everyone

6:57 PMaddictedtochaos​Hello.
6:58 PMaddictedtochaos​Question: with PlayStation’s censorship spree still ongoing, has it made you not want to get a PS5?
6:58 PMAndrew Eisen​What censorship spree?
7:00 PMotritzu​Evenin, guys.
7:00 PMaddictedtochaos​They are forcing third party devs to censor games before they will allow it to release or outright blocking games from release even though they had already been rated by the ESRB.
7:00 PMpsychadelic snake​Andrew forgive me
7:00 PMpsychadelic snake​for I’ve sinned
7:01 PMpsychadelic snake​the rape day game seems like another poorly made edgy game
7:01 PMpsychadelic snake​it also looks like total shit
7:01 PMpsychadelic snake​my sin is I’m trying to eat deep fried butter
7:01 PMpsychadelic snake​its not fun
7:01 PMSusanne Christ​oooh new layout 😀
7:01 PMpsychadelic snake​I got more I took, ill send more pics
7:02 PMotritzu​You too, Andrew? I’ve got that crap going on too.l
7:02 PMjordan thompson​without spoiling anything I’m just gonna say captain marvel doesnt learn one of the most reccuring values nearly hero hero learn after their first outing kinda sad
7:02 PMotritzu​Been hacking up crap for the last couple weeks.
7:03 PMO-Contexsial​Man, I’m not often on these streams. But I’m glad to be here. What#s the general conversation-theme?
7:03 PMO-Contexsial​Andrew’s Voice still making me melt like butter.
7:03 PMD G.​Can you give a shoutout to my friend Mike Oxsmall? He’s having a hard time today 😕
7:04 PMaddictedtochaos​No wonder Sega wasn’t happy.
7:05 PMO-Contexsial​I sure hope that it does look more than “a bit” different in the final design. Sayi
7:05 PMO-Contexsial​Saying this as a nintendo Kid
7:05 PMjordan thompson​this podcast is obvious for advocates of the precious cute mole and its lifestyle, were the leading youtube mole theme podcast
7:07 PMO-Contexsial​Wait… They’re doing a marion movie?
7:07 PMO-Contexsial​Whatever God listens to my prayers. Please don’t make my mario suck as badly as my non-sonic.,
7:07 PMjordan thompson​I swear if Dr eggman has some type of minion rip off lackies
7:08 PMO-Contexsial​Ah, glad to see Andrew’s a Nintendo Boi like me too.
7:10 PMد. عبد العزيز​زhello there just talk about zelda dx little more
7:10 PMO-Contexsial​Live-Actions Hybrids in general are pretty bad. EVEN if the Movie looks great… Those Guys messed up the Lore of my Warcraft Movie, even though that Orcs looked great.
7:10 PMjordan thompson​the fan film 5 or 6 years ago did the design better but this is a reimagining not a direct adaptaion
7:11 PMD G.​Do you like Ice Swallow’s? Arctic bird. I’d like to see one in a video game. Ice swallow come here! We need them in games!
7:12 PMaddictedtochaos​Valve did state they were going to start making games again.
7:15 PMO-Contexsial​Oh, we’re talking about “R-Thing Day” now? That was a nice meme for about tho hours.
7:15 PMد. عبد العزيز​he want talk about valve why in the heck i feel so boring
7:15 PMO-Contexsial​two*
7:16 PMD G.​Rape Day is proof that video gamers have no morals and are socially inept with women. Shocking. This is why I don’t tell people I play video games. I don’t want to be associated with gaming culture.
7:16 PMjordan thompson​I don’t advicate illegal action but isnt one of the draws of video games being able to break from reality, I wont want to rape someone virtually but if you can desernce it from reality its whatever
7:18 PMO-Contexsial​Rape Day Is actually Illegal in germany, I think. But then again. All kinds of stuff is illegal in germany. But then again. Rape is fucking BAD and I wouldn’t be shocked if that shit was illegal here.
7:18 PMD G.​Jordan, but what if it were digital child pornographer? Would you still take the same
7:18 PMD G.​Position?
7:19 PMjordan thompson​when is comes to sexual crime depiction in America theres a grey line, it has to be made blatanly clear its fake or it needs to be animated yes animated dipections of sex crimes is okay to any extent
7:19 PMD G.​Pornography* sorry, typos
7:19 PMD G.​So digital child porn is okay? I’m sorry, but that is disgusting and I don’t think a healthy society should tolerate that
7:21 PMjordan thompson​cause its not a real person being harmed it cant be considered criminal intent again its a grey line depending on the circumstances
7:22 PMD G.​You dodged my question. Give a clear yes or no.
7:23 PMmatthew wilson​they want to be the play store aka no moderation lol
7:24 PMjordan thompson​i can discern from video games and reality if it drives the plot of the game leading to a desent story its a maybe again I know whats fake I would take it serious
7:25 PMD G.​You are unable to answer the question I posed so I will end the debate with you.
7:25 PMaddictedtochaos​PEGI
7:25 PMjordan thompson​we werent debating if you dont like my answer thats on you, whatever just enjoy the podcast
7:28 PMjordan thompson​the only game I cant remeber that had people going berserk about its content was “manhunt” but even that was mild compared to today
7:29 PMaddictedtochaos​The original Mortal Kombat has people losing their minds. Tame by today’s standards.
7:32 PMjordan thompson​law and order SVU would go down the tubes if rape depiction was banned
7:34 PMaddictedtochaos​Still not buying LABO.
7:34 PMjordan thompson​remember when mom said dont sit so close to the tv you’ll ruin your eyes, these days its get closer it looks neat
7:35 PMjordan thompson​I wonder is Nintendo is gonna make notices about labo VR like they did with the 3D function of the 3DS cause VR may not be healthy for all ages
7:35 PMMorello 456​good to be back
7:38 PMjordan thompson​nintendo laughed all the way to the bank “those dummies bought overpriced cardboard, think we can do it twice”
7:41 PMjordan thompson​Nintendo sold us on yarn games, cardboard games whats next macrome
7:43 PMotritzu​The biggest reason I’d get something like that would be to play the Switch without using my hands to hold it while laying in bed.
7:45 PMjordan thompson​i wonder what the relsale value of labo will be in the years to come I mean it is cardboard
7:46 PMjordan thompson​you thought kids destoryed their cartridge games in the 90s how many labo sets you think will make it to the 2030s
7:48 PMjordan thompson​hey my family is from wales
7:49 PMjordan thompson​my dads 400 pounds whales is in our bloodline or wales one of the two
7:50 PMO-Contexsial​Wait
7:50 PMO-Contexsial​Magikarp jump?
7:50 PMO-Contexsial​Like that Pokemon Stadium Minigame?
7:52 PMO-Contexsial​What’s the thing with buying full games nowa days, and those full games having microtransactions in them? Like, I’m avoidong Multiplayer Games for that. Looking at you, EA.
7:53 PMjordan thompson​what about metroid: stop, f zero: walk and legend of zelda: duck
7:54 PMjordan thompson​I want to open a bird santuary just to train them to leap and explode on people… that legal
7:56 PMjordan thompson​they help us consive bowsette they get a pass for a while on the xenoblade boobs
7:56 PMjordan thompson​tenticals that is all
7:57 PMScottyJayMan​Goose is the best!
7:57 PMjordan thompson​is goose a funky name for a cat for did someone think he was a goose and just never got corrected
7:59 PMjordan thompson​I’m a jonsey for alien kinda guy always gonna be sorry
8:00 PMjordan thompson​I like rainbow suit captain marvel
8:01 PMaddictedtochaos​Best is still Winter Soldier.
8:01 PMjordan thompson​people still put iron man 2 below iron man 3 and the abomination that was the mandiren
8:02 PMjordan thompson​I grew up a 90s kid but maybe its me I couldnt really tell it was the 90s unless they reffenced something
8:05 PMjordan thompson​at least this Ronan can look forward to the gardians of the galaxy
8:06 PMjordan thompson​the theater clapped when goose attacked
8:10 PMjordan thompson​it bothers me she refused to prove herself and her self worth without her powers when the villain challenged her fighting will he cheap shotted him and had no honor
8:11 PMAndrew Eisen​”I don’t need to prove anything to you.”
8:13 PMjordan thompson​spiderman, iron man and the hulk all had to learn to co exist with their abilities and grow byond them becoming better humans beings but captian marvel nope her courage is solely validated by powers
8:14 PMAndrew Eisen​I don’t agree with that reading at all.
8:15 PMjordan thompson​I’m betting thanos is gonna lay waste to her at first then shes gonna have to grow a little any fight another day
8:20 PMjordan thompson​”whats happening now” “its loading”
8:21 PMjordan thompson​”if I played the same pinball game for 6 years id have some high scores too”
8:22 PMjordan thompson​now I just want brendon frasier and sam l Jackson to aim cats at skrulls together
8:22 PMjordan thompson​then mummies
8:24 PMjordan thompson​stabbed in the eye, grenade to the face, super karate battle and hand eye pulled out no no no it was a “cat” scratch
8:27 PMjordan thompson​entire planet gains insight with A.I. god and isnt allowed to be seen by more than one person and has many diffrent forms how was it not obvious who the baddies were
8:29 PMjordan thompson​the unexpected m nighy shamimillian sequal to the happening “the snappining” sponsored by Snapple ice tea
8:30 PMjordan thompson​I was nearly in tears at the Stan Lee cameo
8:31 PMpsychadelic snake​I’m home from work
8:31 PMpsychadelic snake​what did I miss
8:31 PMpsychadelic snake​and yes andrew, I have more pics of the fair, this time at NIGHT
8:31 PMpsychadelic snake​I already got spoiled dw
8:33 PMpsychadelic snake​real talk, looking at reviews, even the low ones.
8:33 PMpsychadelic snake​everyone says that the movie is okay and enjoyable, and that’s just nice
8:34 PMpsychadelic snake​I usually seperate art from the person
8:37 PMpsychadelic snake​that’s how I felt at work
8:38 PMpsychadelic snake​”hey snake its gonna rain, take your jacket”
8:38 PMpsychadelic snake​loljk its just humid outside
8:39 PMpsychadelic snake​hey Zach, did you wanna see the rodeo pics I took?
8:40 PMpsychadelic snake​so its a Asian action flick
8:40 PMpsychadelic snake​is the sound out of sync
8:40 PMpsychadelic snake​:^]
8:41 PMjordan thompson​I’m back had to take a call
8:41 PMpsychadelic snake​is it bad I like bad action films
8:42 PMpsychadelic snake​sounds like its just references to old suits throughout the yeara
8:42 PMpsychadelic snake​years*
8:43 PMjordan thompson​shazam looks way better
8:43 PMpsychadelic snake​shazam looks like stupid fun
8:43 PMpsychadelic snake​and I am SO hyped for it
8:45 PMjordan thompson​what about comdimemt man
8:45 PMpsychadelic snake​Batman movie with riddler when
8:45 PMpsychadelic snake​please
8:45 PMjordan thompson​I wanna see man bat
8:46 PMpsychadelic snake​Andrew what would you do if DC pulled a smart move and started building up to the injustice universe
8:47 PMpsychadelic snake​GOD PLEASE I HOPE
8:48 PMjordan thompson​dont forget hellboy soon
8:48 PMpsychadelic snake​Zack Snyder can make good movies
8:48 PMpsychadelic snake​watchmen is the only movie i like though
8:49 PMaddictedtochaos​Zach Snyder is good at filming action sequences and that is it.
8:49 PMaddictedtochaos​Sucker Punch
8:50 PMjordan thompson​I go watch nearly everything if you can make your way to KS we’ll go see nancy drew
8:50 PMpsychadelic snake​comic watchmen is more philosophical
8:50 PMpsychadelic snake​movie watchmen is more
8:50 PMpsychadelic snake​down to earth ig?
8:51 PMpsychadelic snake​DC could of built up to the dark knight returns universe.
8:52 PMpsychadelic snake​BUT THEY FUCKED IT
8:52 PMjordan thompson​the Capitan America 1990s film aged like a fine turd
8:52 PMpsychadelic snake​watchmen = making hero’s human
8:53 PMjordan thompson​the studio says they are considering bumblebee a soft reboot of the series
8:53 PMjordan thompson​I have a soft spot for shia sorry
8:53 PMOmegametalchase92​Thank you for the stream!
8:54 PMpsychadelic snake​glad i caught the end, ill send you the rodeo pics via Twitter andrew
8:56 PMjordan thompson​if your nieghbor looks beffier soon ask some question

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