BumbleKast #87: Captain Marvel


This week, Ian and Kyle take to the skies with Marvel’s latest outing, Captain Marvel!

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Good evening, fellas! Let’s take a trip back in time to 2005, to the ending of the Shadow the Hedgehog game. Shadow stands in grumpy triumph as Black Arms chunks reign down on the planet, and declares that he’s putting the past behind him as he says, “Goodbye forever, Shadow the Hedgehog.” To reinforce that he was putting his past behind him, we got that sweet Crush 40 song over the closing credits: “Never Turn Back.” ..then a year later Sonic ’06 came out, and we found out that Shadow was now working for GUN. I can see why Shadow would want to join GUN, as he probably thought that he could change them from within and prevent another Maria incident from ever happening. But after the ending of Shadow’s game practically walloped us over the head with the message that Shadow was done with the past, I was pretty surprised that Shadow went in that direction when he decided on a career. Were you surprised as well, and whose idea do you think it was for Shadow to become a GUN agent? Did Rouge suggest it, and drag an unsuspecting Shadow to an interview? Did the President demand it of the GUN Commander? Did the GUN Commander decide of his own volition to extend Shadow an olive branch? Or did Shadow just march into the commander’s office and say, “Alright buddy boy, this is how things are going to happen from now on.”?


There are two character moments from the Archie Sonic comics that I wanted further clarification on. The first is during House of Cards. Are we meant to assume that Tails’ anger over Fiona was the only problem he had with Sonic that was reasonable? Or were his other problems with Sonic, like him treating Tails poorly on occasion or taking him for granted, also to be taken seriously? If so, was Sonics apology about “hurting Tails” and “being a jerk” meant to imply those issues as well? Second, when Sonics dad Jules told Scourge “do you want that on your head as well?” In regards to Scourge destroying him, Scourge drops his bravado and even cries. Is Scourges reaction to imply that he would actually feel a little bad about destroying Sonics dad? Possibly because of the pain the loss of his own dad caused him? Or was there another implication from his reaction?

Mike B

So on Bumblekast 60 (I know so long ago), you mentioned that the air charms replaced your original idea of using the bubble/aqua shields in Waves of Change. My question then is, if given the chance, How would you have fleshed out the bubble shield? Would you have made it more or less the same as the air charms? Or would have gone in a different direction, since it didn’t really work out for Waves of Change?


Daniel S.

In light of [a] previous episode, in a hypothetical sequel to Into the Spiderverse, what incarnation of Spider-Man would you like to see in it? For the sake of this question, let’s imagine there are no rights restrictions and infinite effects budget.

(Personally I would love to see the tokusatsu Spider-Man AKA “The Emissary of Hell”, perhaps with some kind of Roger Rabbit effect going on where he’s played by a live action actor.)

Clay A.

At first, I disliked Rough and Tumble, as they were a bit generic in their first appearance IMO. However, since Issue 13 (which is great, BTW), they’re growing on me a bit. Without giving spoilers, do you have any big plans for them you’d like to tease?



So what’s up with the Arms comic? It’s safe to say it’s not getting a January release. There hasn’t been any word on it though, was it pushed back again?

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