Molehill Mountain Episode 135 – Not Standing For Anthem

Your legs will give out before it finishes loading.

  • 30:44 – Xbox VP blames Anthem reviewer for not understanding a feature the game doesn’t explain well
  • 52:36 – Zenimax gets a taste of its own medicine as it’s smacked with a trademark dispute
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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:44 PME. Zachary Knight​Hello Everyone.
6:45 PMotritzu​Evenin’ Zach, Andrew.
6:59 PMlugiae​Hi.
7:00 PMmatthew wilson​played and beat yakuza kawami (pc) this week
7:00 PMScottyJayMan​Hi
7:00 PMotritzu​Happens on occasion.
7:01 PMmatthew wilson​what do you think of the roumers of ori (new one) and cuphead going to switch?
7:02 PMmatthew wilson​I wounder what compramises ori will have to make to run on switch. ori one was amazing looking
7:02 PMjack cayman​Aw man 7 minutes
7:03 PMmatthew wilson​5 minutes you must have awful internet its like 100MBs
7:04 PMmatthew wilson​tetris 99 isnt a demo, its a free game
7:04 PMmatthew wilson​for online payers
7:04 PMjack cayman​WE TALKIN ANTHEM TODAY?
7:04 PMotritzu​It’s free, so long as you use Nintendo Online for something else.
7:04 PMmatthew wilson​nope its a 100% free mp game
7:06 PMmatthew wilson​andrew andrew andrew your assuming nintendo is compatent with online in any way shap or form
7:06 PMjack cayman​WOO, I wanna talk about that dumpster fire of a game
7:06 PMmatthew wilson​yup
7:06 PMjack cayman​and yes thats what it is
7:06 PMotritzu​Battle Royal Tetris, yeah.
7:06 PMIngenting Filmen​the only Battle Royal I’m any good at
7:06 PMotritzu​It’s crazy.
7:07 PMjack cayman​I haven’t been playing any new games lately, unless Planetside 2 and let it die count as ‘new’
7:07 PMmatthew wilson​also ezk you should pick up yakuza 0/kawami, they are both on ps3
7:07 PMmatthew wilson​though play it after the kids are in bed, nsfw
7:08 PMmatthew wilson​sounds like its rendering very low rez and upscaling it
7:09 PMaddictedtochaos​Hello
7:09 PMjack cayman​I’m the type of person who makes my characters as deformed as humanly possible.
7:11 PMotritzu​Daemon X Machina? Yeah, it’s obtuse as all get out.
7:12 PMIngenting Filmen​Daemon X Machina seems fun from the demo, altough yeah it seems kinda harsh on the newbies
7:12 PMmatthew wilson​so armored core. every comparision is armored core
7:12 PMotritzu​Your first weapon is absolute crap in the demo.
7:12 PMjack cayman​maybe its one of the few games with a casual filter
7:13 PMIngenting Filmen​its mech shootin stuffs, I need metal for that
7:14 PMotritzu​I used English language because I expected something like that.
7:17 PMmatthew wilson​so neir sub or dub?
7:17 PMmatthew wilson​I did dub to much going on in that game for subs
7:18 PMjack cayman​2b best waifu
7:19 PMmatthew wilson​ezk should check out yakuza 0/kawami both are on the ps3
7:20 PMjack cayman​I’ve been hearing mixed stuff about captain marvel
7:20 PMjack cayman​number 1 thing is that the main actress is a massive sjw
7:21 PMmatthew wilson​definitly play after kids are in bed
7:32 PMjack cayman​anthem IS BAAAAAD
7:33 PMjack cayman​the load times, the DOWNGRADES, THE BUGS, THD BLACKLISTING
7:33 PMjack cayman​its SO FUCKIN BAAAAD
7:34 PMlugiae​That’s worse than Sonic 06 levels of Ioading!
7:37 PMotritzu​The Switch version has that.
7:37 PMjack cayman​is it mr
7:37 PMjack cayman​oh I don’t make money nvm
7:38 PMaddictedtochaos​It released on the 15th. For those that had pre-ordered on PC.
7:38 PMjack cayman​Andrew are you gonna talk about how one reviewer got blacklisted by EA for giving Am Then a bad review
7:38 PMjack cayman​anthem*
7:40 PMaddictedtochaos​Not his game. It’s BioWare and EA. He is Microsoft. Your point is still valid though.
7:40 PME. Zachary Knight​Jack, you talking about this?…
7:42 PMaddictedtochaos​To be fair, seems like every 2 bit whack-a-doodle wants to be a game reviewer, but only about maybe 5% of them are actually qualified to do so.
7:43 PMjack cayman​@Zachary, the story i read about was an actual reviewer
7:46 PMjack cayman​the cuphead review will forever be the most infamous one
7:48 PMjack cayman​I really wish they added more melee weapons for zombiu
7:51 PMScottyJayMan​Are we just now describing Andrew with Tetris 99?
7:59 PMjack cayman​you know I wish modding stalker was a little bit easier, it requires a stupid amount of work to install
8:06 PMjack cayman​wasn’t there a kid who wanted to sue because of the floss dance
8:06 PMjack cayman​then it was learned that he never actually made it
8:08 PMjack cayman​fallout 76 is a gift that just keeps on giving
8:08 PMjack cayman​oh they banned the guy for duping ammo
8:09 PMaddictedtochaos​Can’t stand Jim Sterling
8:09 PMjack cayman​fallout 76 is just a never ending dumpster fire isn’t it?
8:10 PMjack cayman​fallout 76 is just one big video game social experiment
8:11 PMjack cayman​”lets fuck this up now and see how they react”
8:11 PMaddictedtochaos​So they banned the one person who enjoys it.
8:12 PMjack cayman​if they were gonna make 76 that open, why limit the players? make it total anarchy, let the players do what they want.
8:12 PMjack cayman​buildings get destroyed when you log out, no modding, PvP is trash
8:13 PMjack cayman​me and my brother are die hard fallout fans, we ALWAYS wanted a fallout mmo
8:13 PMjack cayman​instead we get this pile o shit
8:13 PMjack cayman​new patch for 76 is released
8:14 PMjack cayman​everyone’s characters wake up in a carriage…..hands tied…..
8:14 PMjack cayman​Todd the GOD did it again
8:15 PMaddictedtochaos​I have more fun reading about Fallout’s problems than I would have had playing it.
8:15 PMjack cayman​watch this just be them patching every big possible in the engine to ready up the new elder scrolls game
8:17 PMjack cayman​good podcast
8:17 PMjack cayman​Andrew I wanna end on a story I wanna tell you, its very short
8:17 PMjack cayman​its a story about how /v/ went into shitstorm mod when joker got into smash but banjo didn’t
8:18 PMjack cayman​rip the banjo boys who wanted their bear in smash
8:20 PMjack cayman​4chan /v/
8:21 PMjack cayman​yeah everyone on /v/ wants Shantae and banjo in smash
8:21 PMjack cayman​I CAN ONLY HOPE
8:21 PMjack cayman​Shantae is bae
8:22 PMaddictedtochaos​She is already in the game as a Spirit.
8:22 PMjack cayman​she actually comments omnher design alot in the games
8:22 PMaddictedtochaos​Yacht Club
8:23 PMjack cayman​alright well now I gotta force Andrew to play darkest dungeon
8:25 PMjack cayman​cdi link is just gonna be a broken sprite wandering around the map doing contact damage
8:26 PMjack cayman​its a fetish
8:27 PMjack cayman​CUM

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