BumbleKast #86: Top Three Movie Moments


On this episode, Ian & Kyle go nuts with the very last BumbleRaffle before going over their top three movie moments.

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Priority Q&A
Mike B
Going off of Saturn-Flicky’s question on Bumblekast 83: What gameplay elements can you see not being plausible or feasible enough to be contextualized/used in the comics?

It was recently announced that an animated Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover movie is coming out later in the year. What two franchises would you most like to see get a similar crossover treatment?

Standard Q&A
Brodie M.
If Marvel wants you to write a comic book for them, which character would you choose?

Is it true that “Sonic can’t cry” was an official restriction on Sonic comics?

Do the chaos emeralds work like infinity stones where they only work in their universe of origin? Or can they be used in any universe?

Hey Ian I got a weird question, I noticed that when blaze shows up in volume 3 (I think) of the new sonic comic tangle is really flustered and blushes, does she have a crush on blaze or something? Or is she just like really enthusiastic about cat girls?

will you explore the interactions between Tangle and Blaze outside of Tangle’s “admiration” for Blaze? I’m interested because they are like polar opposites, Tangle is extroverted and Blaze more introverted and royal. It would be cool.

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