Molehill Mountain Episode 126 – Game Publishers Do Good (Some Of Them…)


Not every game publisher is Bethesda!

Or Activision Blizzard
Or Electronic Arts
Or Ubisoft
Or Warner Bros.

  • 22:22 – SEGA does right by its fans with the upcoming localization of Judgement
  • 29:28 – SNK and NIS do right by their fans with SNK 40th Anniversary Collection
  • 45:23 – Capcom does NOT do right by its fans by stuffing ads into Street Fighter V
  • 50:49 – Capcom offers nonsensical reason for changing how Mega Man reacts to boss gates

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:54 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.

6:57 PMScottyJayManHi guys

7:02 PMaddictedtochaosHello

7:02 PMlugiaeHi, guys!

7:02 PMaddictedtochaosThat sonic poster is the stuff of nightmares.

7:04 PMjordan thompsonthe plot on imdb is sonic is hunted my local scientists try to capture sonic in the woods he lives in and a rookie cop helps to protect him, so yogi bear to the extreme I guess

7:04 PMaddictedtochaosThey said they were going for realism. He is an anthropomorphic blue, talking hedgehog, that runs faster than the speed of sound. What about that is realistic?

7:05 PMlugiaeWhen will live action movie makers learn to lean into the source material?

7:05 PMScottyJayManWait what was naughty about that?

7:05 PMlugiae“dick pic”

7:06 PMjordan thompsonwish naughty bear was a movie thatd be such riff material

7:07 PMjordan thompsonI would make jokes about live action sonic getting romantic with humans but I would be the first …. SEGA!?!

7:08 PMjordan thompsonlooking forward to the live action tom and jerry

7:09 PMlugiaeWell, the blue would be his spines, so…

7:10 PMjordan thompsondoes he get blue balls or a lighter purple???

7:10 PMjordan thompsonprime example dragonball evolution

7:11 PMlugiaeI wouldn’t say need, but more must pay for our transgressions with.

7:12 PMjordan thompsonif I wanted to see sonic I’d go see humans the movie

7:13 PMjordan thompsondead space is kicking me around

7:14 PMjordan thompsondid you ever get any of the pizza hut ps1 demo discs I forgot those existed till the other day

7:17 PMlugiaeAh, the Pokemon Platinum approach.

7:25 PMjordan thompsonso judge dredd

7:25 PMlugiaePhoenix Wright already kicks ass, but OK.

7:26 PMlugiaeGuess not that way, though.

7:27 PMlugiaeHe was in Project X Zone 2 with Maya, too.

7:29 PMlugiaeOh, this chestnut, huh?

7:29 PMjordan thompsonam I the only one that wants 4kidz versions of anime like death note, deadman wonderland ect. ect. id be funny as heck

7:29 PMlugiaeAzumanga Daioh did that with multiple languages.

7:30 PMlugiaeEat your hamburgers, Apollo.

7:32 PMScottyJayManWish Digital eclipse would patch Mm Lecacy Collection 3DS to patch the frame rate for mm5

7:35 PMjordan thompsonthat really one of the best thing about audio archives and audio restoration we get to relive songs, movies ect. that would have been lost to the slow death of time

7:45 PMjordan thompsonI’m a movie guy as much as I am a game guy, whenever I play or watch digital media I feel dirty I still have comcast because if I feel weird if I turn on a tv and dont see tv even if I don’t watch it

7:47 PMjordan thompsonthe indomiunis rex presented by verizon well we see how well that worked

7:48 PMjordan thompsonas long as akuma has the golden arches on his back I can die happy

7:48 PMTinku Ajayhi bro good evening .how r u

7:49 PMlugiaeMountain Dew character? What, like Pepsiman?

7:49 PMTinku Ajaygood evening

7:50 PMjordan thompsonzach zach its world building you dont think ken and ryu enjoy a crisp fresh sip of that sweet monster energy, I dont work for mosnter i swear

7:51 PMjordan thompsonwhat about a 1890s cola ad in red dead 2

7:54 PMlugiaeMega Man: Draw me like one of your French robots.

7:56 PMSusanne ChristHi! ^·^

7:56 PMlugiaeAw, man, I’m late to the punchine?

7:56 PMlugiaeHi, Susanne.

7:57 PMSusanne Christhey! been a while lol

7:57 PMlugiaeA children?

7:57 PMSusanne Christgah >.< lol re watxh!

7:58 PMlugiaeMan, that was a month ago?

7:59 PMAndrew EisenHow time flies, yeah?

7:59 PMlugiaeI remember it like yesterday.

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