Nitro Game Injection #118: Go Karting With Bowser


On this episode, KyleJCrb and Larry Oji discuss some of the controversies that have affected video games and VGM over the years, the ongoing volley of HD remakes of classic games, and shine the spotlight on some great musicians that everyone should check out. This episode also features a special drinking game: Take a drink every time Larry mentions OverClocked ReMix!

[4:14] Host Segment 1
-Kyle & Larry are DONE professionally!
-Check out zircon’s vintage drum sample library ‘Groove Bias’ ( ) and Harmony’s “Spies Like Us” video using the samples ( )

[17:30] Host Segment 2
-Kyle and Larry agree that Castlevania III and Symphony of the Night have the strongest soundtracks in the Castlevania series
-Timbaland plagiarism controversy of ‘Acid Jazzed Evening’ ( )

[29:19] Host Segment 3
-Larry implies that ‘Subterranean Kamikaze’ belongs in the sewers
-Discussion of TMNT4 and the Upcoming 2.5D remake for XBox Live and Playstation Network, and pressuring Konami

to do a remix soundtrack for the game
-Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes cease & desist controversy
-The amazing Symphonic Shades, Chris Huelsbeck, and another controversy in the form of Gianna Sisters

[50:03] Host Segment 4
-Background on SquareSound’s Nobuo Uematsu arrangement competition, which Larry judged
-Check out the Gamer Symphony Orchestra ( ). Spring 2009 recordings are now available!

[70:04] Host Segment 5
-The hosts still don’t know and have never heard of anything
-As always, check out Dwelling of Duels ( )
-Late NES games pushing the limits of the hardware
-Kyle mispronounces Ys, like everyone else used to

[88:08] Host Segment 6
-The song analoq remixed from Suicide Express wasn’t eligible for OverClocked ReMix, since it wasn’t originally created for the game, but it is on KWED ( )
-Kyle expresses his disappointed in the ‘Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks’ album
-Notes on T-Square and Truth 21st Century
-Show closing

[112:53] {stinger}

1. [0:07] Metropole Orkest, PA’dam, Christina Branco – Moon Over The Castle (arrangement from Gran Turismo 4 for ‘Games In Concert 2′ :: )

2. [10:02] Harmony – – The Freedom of Zero OC ReMix (arrangement of ‘White Land’, ‘Mute City’, & ‘Select Time’ from F-Zero :: )
3. [14:48] Germania Monte Mario – Mad Forest (arrangement from ‘Castlevania III’ – )

4. [22:02] Tempest – Acid Jazzed Evening ( )
5. [25:14] OverCoat – NGI Bumper ( )
6. [25:37] Sixto Sounds, zircon – Subterranean Kamikaze [Original Version] (arrangement of ‘Sewer Surfin’ from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time :: )

7. [40:48] Symphonic Shades – The Great Giana Sisters (Suite ) ( )
8. [46:16] Alex LaMonte – Vamo Alla Flamenco (arrangement from Final Fantasy IX :: )

9. [61:50] Gamer Symphony Orchestra – Live From [INSERT HOMETOWN HERE] (arrangement of ‘Still Alive’ from Portal :: )
10. [66:29] Virt – NGI Bumper ( )
11. [66:33] Hoha – Arnold and Sigourney (arrangement from S.C.A.T. :: )

12. [80:04] Dr. Manhattan – The Freak Winged Boy (arrangement from Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys :: )
13. [83:36] analoq – NGI Bumper ( )
14. [83:43] analoq – Groovicide (PRC Edition ) (arrangement from Suicide Express :: )

15. [97:14] Motoi Sakuraba – Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks – The Arrow Was Shot (arrangement of ‘The Arrow Was Shot’ from Tales of the Abyss :: )
16. [102:15] T-SQUARE Plus – Truth 21st Century ( )


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  2. Marcos: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Definitely check out DoD: Lots of solid gold available there.

    Kaleb: Love Jet Moto. Got some more of that coming in the near future, without us talking over it.

  3. The Vamo’ alla Flamenco arrangement was very Ace. Checked out the other arrangements on the site and liked some of them…disappointed to see only 2 other games outside of Final Fantasy.

    Just listened to the 2009 Game Symphony Orchestra recordings. Again, having attended live orchestral concerts…I know these songs are much more amazing live for a fact(Still Alive is really cool regardless ). I really need to visit these guys and the Video Game Orchestra.

    The whole Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes thing sounds like a stunt for either self promotion and/or just a reason to stop the project. It almost reminds me of Bob’s game, which is just unbearable to pay any attention too now of these days.

    Dr. Manhattan’s Ys 3 “Wanderers from Ys – The Freak Winged Boy” was awesome too. I used to pass by there from time to time, but never delve deep in the site, so I think it’s about time I go do that.

    Another good podcast.

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