Molehill Mountain Episode 40 – Iron Fisted


This week, Zachary and Andrew talk about video games, movies and superheroes. You know, important stuff!

32:19 – Andrew doesn’t like The Stanley Parable

50:39 – Andrew REALLY doesn’t like Iron Fist

1:08:50 – Warner wants to make another Matrix movie, possibly about young Morpheus

1:14:15 – Nintendo doubles production of Switch due to high demand. Still hasn’t done the same for NES Classic Edition.

1:28:25 – Dolphin emulator can now access the Wii eShop

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GameFuel #201: Blasting (Blaster Master Special)


The critically-acclaimed revival Blaster Master Zero has hit Nintendo consoles, so GameFuel delves deep into remixes from the classic NES version!

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Radio OverCoat #220 (2017-03-15): When Life Gives You Lemon Demons

I was about halfway into doing another cyberpunk special tonight, having finally gotten my Snatcher double LP from Ship to Shore & Yetee a few days prior, but it turned into a giant J-fusion playlist instead. It’s just as well since One Night in Neo-Kobe is one of my favorite songs ever and the likes of T-Square and Casiopea’s music sit well right alongside it in a playlist. Also a good reminder to get my turntable hooked up to the mixer & play some of my vinyls someday. I also had some pretty great chiptunes this week from Sean Evans doing Sonic Mania covers. Read on for the full playlist:
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GameFuel #200: Crash Course Generations (Random Playlist Special #7)


GameFuel made it to 200 episodes! What better time to pull out the ol’ gimmick of putting Winamp on shuffle and letting it go crazy?

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Molehill Mountain Episode 39 – Much Better Than the Owner of a Broken Switch


We have a gameplan this week but that doesn’t stop us from spending the last 45 minutes of the podcast yammering about movies, anime, comics, video games, super heroes and other stuff. We can’t help ourselves!

24:23 – The Nintendo Switch’s myriad hardware issues

42:35 – Game companies don’t want anyone fixing their hardware but them

51:23 – Nintendo wins lawsuit against maker of flash carts

57:12 – Valve won’t count your review score for any Steam game you obtained for free

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Radio OverCoat #219 (2017-03-08): Friends

Two posts in one day! I’m now no longer behind with posting the shows, and that’s always good! This week I played a pretty eclectic mix, that I’m proud to say was formed almost entirely of going onto Facebook and asking people to link me their music. I got a lot of pretty great albums from that post, check out this list:

Luiza 177 – The First Step to Nowhere (Bandcamp, $10+)
Contemplator – Sonance (Bandcamp, $10+)
Daniel Lippert – City in the Clouds (Bandcamp,$10+)

Check these awesome albums out pls! Read on for the full playlist:

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Radio OverCoat #218 (2017-02-22): What Does THIS Button Do?

OK I’m… just a bit late with posting this! Sorry about the wait, but my life’s been kinda crazy lately. Finally been able to tear myself away from Zelda too. This show was pretty heavily focused on the chip scene, with a good half of the show being chiptune or amiga mods. I played the new Data Airlines comp ST-FM (Bandcamp, $10+, available on cassette), as well as a newly discovered [thanks to botber info!] vim side-project G.I.S, specifically his first EP (Bandcamp, pay what you want). I also got a bit of vaporwave in there with the farewell release of the fortune 500 netlabel, the music of the now age III (Bandcamp, lmao it’s just a mediafire link at the bottom of the page). As for the super new, at the time anyway, I played WASD’s amazing new metal album C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA (Bandcamp, $4+). Worth it just for the awesome CANYON.MID cover, fyi. Read on for the full playlist:

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GameFuel #199: Activate (Console Launch Games Special – Part 1)


In the spirit of the Nintendo Switch launch weekend, this episode features music from launch games for major consoles released from 1985 to 1996!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 38 – Nintendo and Anime


What happens when we record the podcast without deciding beforehand what to talk about?

Well, we spend the first hour talking about the Nintendo Switch and the second talking about anime.


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