Molehill Mountain Episode 81 – No Rush For Gravity Rush 2


Why pay full price for a video game when you can pay full price for HALF a video game?

  • 0:15 – We start the show! I played the Dragon Quest Builders demo and EZK watched The Punisher on Netflix
  • 28:37 – Half of the new BlazBlue game’s characters will be paid DLC
  • 36:41 – Sony postpones shutting down Gravity Rush 2’s servers until July
  • 44:45 – Swatter who got Kansas man killed charged with manslaughter
  • 50:47 – Western localization of Detective Pikachu announced
  • 54:27 – We discuss everything announced during Nintendo’s recent Direct

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Nitro Game Injection #295: Multi-Track Drifting


NGI slides sideways into 2018 with some recent VGM releases including new albums from WASD and chibi-tech, celebrates major gaming anniversaries of January 2018, and more!

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Radio OverCoat #246 (2018-01-07): The MAGFest Stayhomers Club


Like I said before, I had to choose between 8StaticFest and MAGFest. I don’t regret my decision but I wish I didn’t have to choose! Too many Fests… Well, for everyone like me who couldn’t go I had a special radio show just for them. And now you can listen too, you MAGFest-having lucky person. Read on for the full playlist:

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Radio OverCoat #245 (2017-12-31): New Year’s Fackin’ Eve


2017 sucked in every way except for the music. In this episode I play as many of my favorite songs from last year as I can fit in a 2 hour format, as well as talking a lot about them. Another bright spot was that the few games I managed to beat & finish this year were all very, very good, and of course I could’ve just done an entire show dedicated to the Nier: Automata OST, but there was still so much to play! I also played new stuff from chibi-tech, if you haven’t grabbed Psycho Somatic Generation yet, do so at her Bandcamp page [Bandcamp, Name Your Price]. I wish I had something more inspirational to say about the start of the new year, but really I just hope the trend of chiptunes still being amazing and getting even better continues. Read on for the full playlist:

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Molehill Mountain Episode 80 – Kunkel Awards, Year 3


The SPJ’s Kunkel Awards, celebrating excellence in video game journalism, is back for its third year. New director of the awards, Brittany Ferrendi, joins us to discuss the Kunkels and extol the splendiferousness of The Witcher 3.

Check out the awards here:

BumbleKast #60: Happy New Year!


Happy New Year from Ian & Kyle! On this episode we look both forward and back as we go tumbling into 2018.

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Molehill Mountain Episode 79 – All About the Kugel


Swatting got someone killed last week.  It’s an unpleasant topic and one we spend the first part of the show yammering about anything and everything to avoid it.  But, as former GamePolitics writers, we felt we needed to discuss it.

46:00 – Gamers kill someone via swatting

1:13:08 – Copyright extensions keep hundreds of games from entering the public domain this year

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Radio OverCoat #244 (2017-12-24): Bah Humblebrag


Christmas is overrated, so let’s listen to my Christmas Eve show! Where I play not a lot of Christmas music, except the stuff I do play is actually good. Maybe not the Toto remixes, though I love them anyway. I also found a sweet album from DV-i put out by Maltine Records that you can download for free here. I play the thing in its entirety during the show since it’s a short EP, really cool and reminds me of a game OST that should be on Saturn or PS1. Read on for the full playlist:

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Molehill Mountain Episode 78 – FCC Say What Now?


Tonight is a solo show with E. Zachary Knight. He discusses the Net Neutrality vote by the FCC, Patreon’s fee fiasco, PlayerUnknown’s odd misunderstanding of Intellectual Property law, and more.

17:32 – PlayerUnknown’s misunderstanding of IP law
29:47 – Patreon’s terrible fee change and reversal
43:44 – FCC votes to end net neutrality

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Nitro Game Injection #294: So Puzzling (Patreon’s Choice: Puzzle Games Special)


1Can you solve the mystery of this episode? I’ll require multi-colored blocks, marbles, obscure moon logic, cookies, pipes, and other implements of puzzle insanity!

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