GameFuel #165: Shovelry (Shovel Knight Special)


The long-awaited Shovel Knight special is finally here! Kyle digs into a healthy selection of arrangements from various artists all across the internet.

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Super Podcast Action Committee – Epilogue 5


Molehill Mountain is our new name, we just need a logo.  If you want to help us out with that, please feel free to contact us! In the meantime, we’ll continue posting the show as epilogues to Super Podcast Action Committee.

On this week’s show, EZK and Andrew debut a new show segment where they compare bucket lists (14:37), discuss why Apple is wrong for rejecting a Gaza war game for not being a game (35:43), facepalm at Metacritic using the wrong review AND review score from the Washington Post’s Uncharted 4 review (55:23), and debate how skillful a game reviewer should be and how important is it that they play all the way through the games they review (1:04:54).

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GameFuel #164: Brutal (DOOM Special)


GameFuel celebrates the release of DOOM 4 with remixes from the series!

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Super Podcast Action Committee – Epilogue 4


Molehill Mountain.

That’s the name we’re trying out for the podcast.  So far the reaction has been positive but please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.  It’s going to take us a bit of time to move it out from under the SuperPAC banner so we apologize in advance for any confusion.

Anyway, on this week’s show, EZK and Andrew discuss Nintendo’s continued nonsensical localization changes to Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (14:11), the Pokemon business model and which Sun and Moon starter is best Pony (31:38), Microsoft back peddling its Universal Windows Platform announcement (47:52), the #BlackPantherSoLIT hashtag and what the heck “LIT” means, and properties like Monster Musume and The Purge that don’t live up to the full potential of their premise (1:15:55). Continue reading ‘Super Podcast Action Committee – Epilogue 4’ »

BumbleKast #17: BumbleKivil War


Yes, I know “Ks” don’t work like that. In this episode, Ian and Kyle profess their love for the latest Marvel movie and why it just WORKS.

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GameFuel #163: Fireball


This week Kyle rocks out in the Soundtrack Spotlight with MYRONE’s soundtrack for the upcoming racing game Drift Stage, features a smattering of ‘Aquatic Ruin’ remixes in the Source Tune Spectrum, and checks out tracks from Dwelling of Duels Collaboration Month, new selections from OverClocked ReMix, and more!

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Super Podcast Action Committee – Epilogue 3


Kind of an odd show this week with EZK and Andrew foregoing their list of topics and just discussing whatever came to mind.  While the first half hour is pretty scattershot, two major topics do emerge: Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop dice games (28:26) and a hefty political discussion with a focus on Libertarians and other political parties that are not Republicans or Democrats (46:07).  This episode may be more political than any of the shows we did under the GamePolitics banner!
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GameFuel #162: Appreciation (Patreon’s Choice Special #4: Love Songs)


Patreon’s Choice this month comes courtesy of Nick C., who suggested a playlist of love songs! Kyle may have taken it a little literally…

If YOU want to select an upcoming playlist theme for GameFuel, become a $3 patron today!

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Super Podcast Action Committee – Epilogue 2


Andrew is all by his lonesome on this week’s podcast.  Topics discussed include the recent Nintendo NX and Zelda news (2:45), removing content from western localizations and how it affects games like Yakuza 3(22:49), what to do about prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto games (41:02), and Sony’s continued failure at marketing the new Ghostbusters movie (1:07:35). Continue reading ‘Super Podcast Action Committee – Epilogue 2’ »