Molehill Mountain Episode 197 – I Have a Theory!


Why don’t I like Hollow Knight?

  • 0:20 – I bought a new car but not because I wanted to.
  • 1:01:17 – I hanging up Baten Kaitos for good. For real this time.
  • 1:03:27 – Shudder uses an uncropped version of an 80s horror movie poster
  • 1:04:28 – $70 games? Sure, fine. Whatever.
  • 1:08:17 – Curating games for my Sunday stream can be challenging.

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Nitro Game Injection #415: Resisting Midnight


On this episode, Kyle’s reliance on software from the 90’s starts to catch up with him. But hey, at least the music’s good!

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BumbleKast Q&A – For July 6th, 2020



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Molehill Mountain Episode 196 – Boss Battle BS


Let’s try this again.

  • 1:08 – Pokemon DLC and how Nintendo seems loathe to do much to address a problem of its own making.
  • 9:17 – I’ve been playing Baten Kaitos for 15 years. It’s time to throw in the towel.
  • 36:43 – I’m just not feeling the Avengers.
  • 43:05 – The world of Cyberpunk 2077 looks fun to explore but so far the gameplay is leaving me cold.

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Nitro Game Injection #414: Game of Souls (Patreon’s Choice Special: Cover Bands That Don’t Rock)


There are a lot of bands out there that cover video game music, but not all of them are rock and metal! Here are just some of the bands who fall outside of the guitar-driven sphere, ready to NOT rock your face!

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Nitro Game Injection #413: Make Way!


Make Way for NGI as this episode follows up last week’s Dose of Duels with more from DoD’s Golf vs. Fishing month, new stuff from Julia Henderson, tibone, Lame Genie, Mozzaratti, a new charity album from Game Grooves supporting the Minnesota Freedom Fund, and all led off with an extremely fun metal take of a Disney classic by Shinray!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 195 – Uncomfortably Personal


Well, once again, I didn’t manage to get to any of my planned topics tonight. Instead, I spent two hours shooting the breeze with the chat and likely revealing more about myself than anyone would ever care to know.

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BumbleKast Q&A – For June 22nd, 2020


On this episode, Ian and Kyle lament the bad timing of the ARMS character announcement for Super Smash Bros., and answer your questions!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 194 – Nintendo Holds Sony’s Beer


Unsurprisingly, the PS5 console is as goofy looking as its controller.

No timestamps this week.  I spend the first hour or so talking about the various games I saw this week (mostly from the PS5 presentation) and then spend the next hour and a half interacting with the chat and randomly jumping from topic to topic.

We talk about porn a lot.

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Nitro Game Injection #412: THE BLUE MARLIN


That’s how you have to say it.

Lots of new goodness from Dwelling of Duels on the show this week, along with a sweet new Mega Man 2 arrangement from OverClocked ReMix by PsNES and Elrinth, a giant Streets of Rage medley by Auxcide, 130Grit comin’ in hot with some Super Mario World, and a whole slew of other amazing tunes!

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