Radio OverCoat #233 (2017-08-20): Starin’ at the Sun

In this week’s show I attempt to make up for barely playing any videogame music despite being on a VGM radio network, so I played selections from a few recent games I’ve beaten or are playing. I mixed it up with a few of my favorite chiptunes and vgm covers too. Also played some STAFFcirc tracks, since STAFFcirc vol. 3 came out [Bandcamp, Name Your Price]. Also, this week, you may notice things are *a lot* louder. I’m putting this show up as an experiment. I decided to just hard limit everything in post because I was tired of manually editing all the volumes, also because ReplayGain betrayed me. I set the hard limiter to boost volumes but not destroy dynamics *too* much, so hopefully serious music fans out there don’t find this too unlistenable. Read on for the full playlist:

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BumbleKast #50: Aaron Webber!


On this special episode, we have the debut of Tee Lopes’ remix of the BumbleKast theme, an extra large BumbleRaffle, Q&A and an interview with head of Sonic marketing, Aaron Webber!

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Nitro Game Injection #277: Kick That Ass (Mirror Image Listening Party)


Join KyleJCrb for a special listening party presentation featuring the latest OverClocked ReMix tribute album, Mirror Image: A Link to the Past ReMixed: a reinterpretation of the soundtrack to Nintendo’s SNES masterpiece The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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Molehill Mountain Episode 61 – One Is the Loneliest Number


EZK is off to parts unknown so it’s just Andrew this week.

No timestamps this week but I talk a lot about why I’m not into The Last of Us after three hours of play, my favorite anime, cellphones in movie theaters, difficulties with my new editing software and other fun stuff!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 60 – Mayo Beat Ketchup?!!!


I don’t know. You wanna talk about games?

Let’s talk about games.

  • 13:05 – Mario + Rabbids is looking pretty good and not just because it has a singing boss enemy
  • 25:40 – Two Senran Kagura games are coming to the Switch in all their… uh, glory?
  • 36:55 – We discuss the pricing models of Hamster’s Arcade Classics and Nintendo’s Virtual Console
  • 53:03 – Tabletop games are doing better than video games on Kickstarter
  • 1:17:35 – Nintendo clarifies how amiibo are used with Metroid: Samus Returns

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Radio OverCoat #232 (2017-08-06): A Large Ogg

This week’s show was a real treat, at least for myself. I got a couple new albums to play for the show, T-Square’s 2016 CD “Treasure Hunter” and Yukihiro Takahashi’s “…Only When I Laugh,” vintage 1986. Somehow these albums eluded me until now, but I was able to get them off Google Play’s music store of all places. Otherwise Treasure Hunter in CD form would cost me at least $50! Ouch. I also got some stuff from Bandcamp again, Good Game’s “Don’t Blow It.” [Bandcamp, Name Your Price] ~ fleeting moments ~” from DESKPOP [Bandcamp, Name Your Price] and Garoad’s brilliant VA-11 HALL-A OSTs, [Bandcamp, VA-11 HALL-A Prologue OST – Sounds From The Future, $4.99+ / VA-11 HALL-A – Second Round, $7+]. I’ve been loving VA-11 HALL-A, myself, and you should really give this VN a few playthroughs [], it’s got such a great style and the writing and dialogue is incredible. You know how I feel about anything cyberpunk. Also the OST really meshed well with the T-Square album I got, somehow. Last but not least I have to mention The Stupid Idiot Bros Stupid Show [Bandcamp, Name Your Price] because we finally get some (exciting) music around here! Thanks Robby. Read on for the full playlist:

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Nitro Game Injection #276: Desserted (Dessert Special)


This week, Kyle gets lost in the dessert, but luckily has a rockin’ playlist to keep him company! Check out remixes from Super Mario RPG, Yoshi’s Cookie, and a Source Tune Spectrum featuring a classic C64 demoscene song from 1988!

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BumbleKast #49: AcademX Space Crew!


On this episode, we have the president of I & T Publishing Company Inc. join us to talk about our exciting new comic endeavor: AcademX!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 59 – Bad Game Industry, Bad!


This week we talk about the video game industry’s myriad shenanigans of late.  I’m sure we’ll find something positive to talk about!

31:53 – Lawbreakers dev says game not Switch-bound because not enough buttons

41:03 – Metroid: Samus Returns gates content behind amiibo

52:47 – ThinkGeek hoards NES Classic Editions and forces you to buy overpriced bundles to get them

59:50 – Nintendo’s obnoxious Voice Chat solution

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Nitro Game Injection #275: Deserted (Desert Special)


Chosen via poll by supporters at Patreon, Kyle gets lost in the desert, but luckily has a rockin’ playlist to keep him company! Check out remixes from Turtles in Time, Turrican 2, a Source Tune Spectrum featuring a classic song from Sonic & Knuckles, and the return of a special segment!

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