Molehill Mountain Episode 36 – ft. Super Metal Dave 64!


Zachary and the Mrs. are busy moving their brood to the side of the fence where the grass is greener but that doesn’t mean Andrew is all by his lonesome.  Nope!  Youtuber and Nintendo commentator Super Metal Dave 64 joins the show to talk all things Switch!

6:55 – Mega Man MUSCLE figures shown off at Toy Fair 2017

8:13 – Suda51 apologizes to translator for going off script during January’s Switch event

18:32 – Nintendo announces DLC for Zelda

29:51 – Pros and cons of marketing the Switch as a portable console vs a powerful portable that hooks up to the TV

46:08 – Sony filing a Japanese patent for a new handheld that looks a lot like the Switch

48:36 – Switch’s first-year line-up

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BumbleKast #37: Batman & The DC Animated Universe


On this episode of the BumbleKast, Ian and Kyle geek out over the majesty that is the DCAU. And yes, that includes Lego Batman.

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Molehill Mountain Episode 35 – Toys To Life To Death


Another week, another show where Zachary and Andrew go over an hour because they get caught up reminiscing about the cartoons of their youth.

Incorrigible, the both of them!

Zachary is off next week but we may have a special guest filling in for him.  See you Saturday!

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GameFuel #197: Detective (Dark Knight Revisit Special)


GameFuel makes a timely revisit to the Dark Knight with tons of arrangements from Dwelling of Duels, as well as a smattering from OverClocked ReMix, Bandcamp, and more!

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Radio OverCoat #217 (2017-02-08): Love is Two-Factor Authorization

This week’s show continues the trend of me slowly getting back into the chip scene with another good half a show’s worth of chip. I’ve been kinda busy with personal stuff so I haven’t had time to hunt for new music, however I did get Chibi-tech’s new 2 track release, The Mutual Promise (Bandcamp, $1 or more) which is short but sweet with one of the tracks being trap and the other being neurofunk. Some chillout and ambient for the last bit as I dug through my huge library to play some tracks that haven’t seen the airwaves in a long time. Read on for the full playlist:

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GameFuel #196: Amuse (Namco Special)


GameFuel celebrates the storied past of Namco in musical form this week, in honor of founder Masaya Nakamura, who passed away on January 22nd. This episode also features a look at doujin legends Magical Trick Society and an exploration of music from more than 35 years of Namco games!

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BumbleKast #36: Switch Preview


Ian gives his hands-on impressions on the Nintendo Switch hardware. Be sure to check out his opinions on the games over at the BumbleKast Patreon page!

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Radio OverCoat #216 (2017-02-01): Yacht Chip

Oh lucky day~ I had two new albums to play. So not only did Nanode’s new album Paradise (Bandcamp, $1USD or more) release today, but we also have a brand new release from Makeup and Vanity Set, Chrome (Bandcamp, $9USD, $15 Vinyl). I decided to play both in their entirety tonight: MaVS dark, edgy, pulsing synthwave style is showcased here marvelously and almost made me forget I was even DJing a show. Nanode’s release pepped me up with some lighthearted poppy chiptunes and the sounds of seagulls being dicks and stealing my $5 ice cream cone, with a track also featuring Glenntai and a guest piano track from Besso0. I also played a fresh jam from Nickelpunk, Eddie Murphy (part 1), with free downloads, including the track I played tonight if you support his Patreon. What could be in Eddie Murphy Part II I wonder? Read on for the full playlist:

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GameFuel #195: Rogue (Patreon’s Choice Special: Roguelikes)


GameFuel takes a look at some remixes and original soundtracks from various roguelikes! This week’s Patreon’s Choice suggestion comes courtest of patron David P.!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 34 – Let’s Get Political!


This week’s episode of Molehill Mountain is chock full of political goodness.  Or badness.

Uh…  We talk politics!

25:33 – What does a tariff on imported goods mean to gamers?

43:36 – What does getting rid of net neutrality mean to gamers?

55:55 – Brad Bushman study gets trashed

1:03:40 – Capcom, Sherlock Holmes and the Public Domain

1:18:05 – More Nintendo Switch stuff

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