Nitro Game Injection #117 – Hot Seat: Jeriaska


Kyle and Larry sit down for a lengthy chat with Jeriaska, notable videogame music journalist and creator of Nobuooo. They discuss VGM and its impact, the game journalism scene, Jeriaska’s background, and much more.

[0:32] Show introduction
[1:53] Jeriaska introduces himself and discusses his start in the game journalism industry, and how he got into

video game music in particular
[8:04] Jeriaska discusses how he became interested in the people behind the games, and his relations to

futurism and videogames as an emerging art and storytelling form
[13:12] Jeriaska is keeping most of his future projects secret, but goes into detail on how he initializes

contact for his interviews, and the importance of attending trade shows when in the journalism field
[20:03] The tables get turned and Jeriaska asks Larry a question about playing games prior to interviewing a

[24:35] Jeriaska talks about a recent experience in which he did research for an interview on Wikipedia and

found the information to be completely wrong. Oops!
[28:30] Jeriaska’s game composer and game music favorites, particularly with independent games
[34:30] Discussion of how some modern orchestral game music can be somewhat impersonal, versus smaller

ensembles and individual performers
[43:45] Jeriaska gives kudos to his team of translators and explains why he posts the orginal language versions

of his interviews along with translations
[46:31] The origins of the Digg-style VGM news site Nobuooo
[53:53] Jeriaska’s favorites in the arrangement and remix scenes

[57:25] Spotlight on Noriyuki Asakura, composer of the Tenchu game series. Video interview upcoming on Nobuoo, and full text interview on GameSetWatch

[67:25] Overlooked soundtracks and underappreciated games that have been mostly ignored in the west, including Tenchu and Yakuza

[70:50] Upcoming videos: Interviews with PixelJunk Monsters composer Otograph, and also Daytona USA composer Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
[71:50] Larry and Kyle beg Jeriaska to take them to Japan
[74:06] Jeriaska will be at PAX 2009, interviewing creators of indie games for the PAX 10, and will also be

covering E3
[87:20] The innovation and uniqueness of modern game soundtracks, such as Street Fighter IV
[94:43] Jeriaska’s soundtrack recommendations
[97:55] Show close
[101:15] {stinger}

Hiroki Kikuta:
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi:
Noriyuki Asakura:
Hideyuki Fukasawa:
Vincent Diamante:
Chris Schlarb:
Select Start:
Mega Ran:
Another Soundscape:

Nobuooo: http – //
Jeriaska’s blog, Game Design Current –
Jeriaska on Gamasutra –
Jeriaska on SquareHaven –
Accelerating Future/Future Current –
OverClocked ReMix –
Offworld –
Into the Score –
Video Games Live: http:/
MAGFest –
VGMdb –


  1. Thanks Marcos for the kind comments! Be sure to check out the previous shows as well: We usually break up the talk segments with music, but in the case of interviews we forgo it, especially since our interviews end up going on for quite awhile and music breaks aren’t always ideal for them. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show!

  2. Hah, thank Jeriaska for bringing up Valkyrie Profile 2 soundtrack. Great interview, I really enjoyed sitting through and listening to the whole podcast, which I have never done for any podcast until now. You’ve accomplished a miracle. Thanks.

    I’m definitely going to keep up with this every post. Can’t wait for your next one.

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  4. Download link isn’t working for me. I listened to most of the show on the flash player but it stopped around 1:21:25. I’ll catch the rest later, but overall, good stuff! Interesting to hear about Jeriaska’s background; I always pegged him as a mysterious fellow. Also, Kyle, don’t let Larry steal your thunder! Him introducing the show like you’re the co-host; sounds like he’s making you his bitch. ;} Hehehe, just teasing. Let me know when the file issues are all squared away so I can catch the end. Peace, bros!

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