BumbleKast Q&A – For June 22nd, 2020


On this episode, Ian and Kyle lament the bad timing of the ARMS character announcement for Super Smash Bros., and answer your questions!

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Your hosts:

  • Ian “BumbleKing” Flynn – Head writer of Sonic the Hedgehog comics for IDW Publishing and Mega Man for Archie Comics, Narrative Director for Rivals of Aether, writing for Archie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more
  • Kyle “KyleJCrb” Crouse – Founder & Administrator of the KNGI Network, host of the Nitro Game Injection video game music podcast

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Priority Q&A
Andrew D.
In Archie Mega Man, when Xander winds up traveling through time, he sees the events of Worlds Collide. Since those events took place in the future, what would have happened when Mega Man reached that point in time? Would he have been destined to relive those events?

SEGA seems to be pushing Zavok and the Zeti a lot in many titles after Lost World, do you think it’s a good idea on SEGA’s part to keep the Zeti around?

Diane W.
What if Bunnie got infected with the Metal Virus? Since the Metal Virus cannot infect something that’s already metal, what would happen to her robotic limbs? Will they remain on her as a zombot or would they fall off and new limbs grow in their place as the metal virus can heal damage that the zombots take?


Standard Q&A
Omega Markus
If IDW put you in charge of Doing a Dragon ball comic Book how would you Have writing it and what Era of the characters would you use The Kid Goku Era of the characters or the Z era of the characters like Sayian,Frieza,Cell or buu arc or have it take place after one of the Z movies How would you and handle a crossover with Sonic and dragon ball

What were your greatest struggles in your lives and how did you manage to overcome them?

Pink H.
Are the Zone Cops/Corps gonna be returning at all? I found them rather interesting in their role and how they also introduced a vast multiverse full of various Zones and great potential, plus we never got to see Zone Cop Zhadow(Shadow). So I’m curious if they are gonna come back at some point?

20 Questions with James M.
-Ian, can IDW Sonic fight an evil non-robo twin version of himself?
-Ian, are you looking into the Archie Sonic Online fan comic?
-Ian, did you know the Sonic Underground Epilogue will be done by fans?
-Ian, does IDW Eggman have black and red SatAM Robotnik eyes beneath his glasses?
-Ian, do you feel Charmy the Bee is the worst Sonic character?
-Ian, do you think Sonic could beat the Schwarzenegger Terminator T-800?
-Ian, if Sega gave the all clear for IDW to continue and complete unfinished Archie Sonic stories, will you be happy?
-Ian, would you be willing to write Terminator comics for Dark Horse if hired?
-Ian, had the lawsuit and the reboot never happened, was Dr Finetevus going to be seen in the Archie Sonic universe again?
-Ian, did you have anything planned for if the Archie Sonic comics were going to have a big finale?
-Ian, do you think Shadow and Rouge would make a great couple?
-Ian, do Shadow and Rouge have any romantic feelings for each other or are they just friends?-Ian, was the Shattered World arc originally going to be a Sonic Unleashed sequel just as Shadow Fall in Sonic Universe was Shadow the Hedgehog 2?
-Ian, did IDW Gerald create IDW Shadow
-Ian, is there a chance we might see the IDW version of Blaze’s World and Marine in the comic’s lifespan?
-Ian, did Classic Sonic show up during the IDW version of Sonic Forces?
-Ian, would you be willing to work alongside Ken Penders with his own comics if he asked you?
-Ian, when or if IDW starts churning out content related to other Sonic media like Archie Sonic, is there a chance you might be able to fulfill your old promise of doing more Sonic Boom comic stories?
-Ian, if Rough and Tumble are the Beepbop and Rocksteady of IDW Sonic, does that make Starline and Eggman the Krang and Shredder of Sonic’s world?
-Does IDW Eggman have any relatives like his grandpa Gerald Robotnik? – Canonically?
-Ian, which bad guy is scarier, Mephiles or Black Doom?

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