Molehill Mountain Episode 194 – Nintendo Holds Sony’s Beer


Unsurprisingly, the PS5 console is as goofy looking as its controller.

No timestamps this week.  I spend the first hour or so talking about the various games I saw this week (mostly from the PS5 presentation) and then spend the next hour and a half interacting with the chat and randomly jumping from topic to topic.

We talk about porn a lot.

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Chat Transcript:

6:56 PMla noir master that’s righthi

6:57 PMla noir master that’s rightyou are funny

6:59 PMla noir master that’s rightmaybe gta

6:59 PMla noir master that’s rightoh

7:02 PMjordan thompsondo you have a jem box set or are you using a streaming service

7:03 PMla noir master that’s rightcool

7:05 PMjordan thompsonthe new ghostbusters deluxe figures just got released, its the main 4, gozer and dana with a demon dog build a figure. stinks I’m broke at the moment I’ll get them eventually 🙂

7:06 PMjordan thompsonI like how you mainy foucued on only the first minute of beastars, I watched the 12 episodes recenty and I thought it was cool

7:07 PMjordan thompsonits mainly the bunny boobies

7:12 PMjordan thompsonif a series 2 of the deluxe ghostbusters figures get made I want a slimer (movie design) and Louis in the ghostbuster suite

7:14 PMjordan thompsonthe PS5 design looks like it’s screams “I’m from the future”

7:14 PMaddictedtochaosHello all

7:14 PMaddictedtochaosGotta say I’m not a fan of the look of the PS5.

7:16 PMjordan thompsonand I’m betting the all digital edition will sell like gangbusters …… not

7:16 PMmjbreeseNot a fan of the colour. If this is the only colour option when it comes out, I’ll wait until they make a pure black one.

7:17 PMaddictedtochaosNot a definite price but Play-Asia has it available for preorder listed at $700. 650 euros and 600 British pounds

7:17 PMjordan thompsonanyone remember the PSP GO, I smell failure

7:19 PMjordan thompsonwhy does the controller look like its wearing a crop top

7:20 PMaddictedtochaosIf it were going to sell at $400 (same as ps4) they would be shouting it from the rooftops.

7:20 PMjordan thompsonI have expect the Xbox to evetually have a pyramid design, at this point the developers are trolling us

7:21 PMjordan thompsonhalf expect

7:21 PMaddictedtochaosI’ll never not see Totoro now.

7:22 PMaddictedtochaosI’ve heard people say that cost of manufacturing for PS5 is $450

7:23 PMjordan thompsonif I cant make toast with the PS5 I dont want it #toastlivesmatter

7:25 PMjordan thompsonis the H.R. Gieger inspired game gonna be on the PS5

7:25 PMaddictedtochaosWho hasn’t played GTA V at this point?

7:26 PMaddictedtochaosRatchet and Clank impressed me the most.

7:26 PMjordan thompsonGTA 6 or San Andreas HD remaster would make me happy

7:28 PMaddictedtochaosInsomniac confirmed it is stand alone. Still fuzzy on full game or just a standalone expansion.

7:29 PMTrey HolmesWhats one thing you dont want to carry over into gaming Next-gen?

7:30 PMjordan thompsonWill NBA 2k21 be in a empty stadium to represent the times

7:31 PMaddictedtochaosYou are missing out. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time is incredible.

7:33 PMTrey HolmesFor me i could do without looter shooters entirely next-gen lol

7:34 PMjordan thompsondid you just ask developers to get better at lying to you HAHAHA

7:35 PMTrey HolmesAgreed Content locked away on disc has been a problem for a while now

7:36 PMTrey HolmesLoot Boxes is another big issue in gaming

7:37 PMjordan thompsonwhat makes me mad is buying a fighting game at at the character select you can see characters are locked only to be unlocked when bought

7:40 PMjordan thompsonAndrew after that viral video werent you court ordered to stay at least 10 feet away from kitties

7:40 PMaddictedtochaosThat is why I don’t buy fighting games anymore.

7:42 PMaddictedtochaosKena: bridge of spirits looks promising.

7:42 PMjordan thompsononly those two kitties, okay who’d you pay off

7:45 PMjordan thompsonafter the success of the sonic movie I’m hoping someone will get the bright idea to relaunch the sly cooper movie that got canned after the ratched and clank movie failed

7:47 PMjordan thompsontrunk space for your victims Andrew you kittin victims huh!?!

7:49 PMjordan thompsonimagine if movie trailers had none of the movie, *facepalm*

7:53 PMjordan thompsonid say its a face bet the H.R. Gieger game is horror maybe a bloodborne type game that would be neat

7:54 PMjordan thompsonhitman 3 is gonna be a kart racer how much you wanna bet

7:55 PMmatthew wilsontoo be fair do they realy need to show us hitman 3 gameplay? its the fird one

7:55 PMIngenting Filmenthe astro vr thing is amazing, playroom looks eh

7:55 PMjordan thompsonno invite to the christmas party, Andrew have a heart!?!

7:56 PMmatthew wilsonthe most inpressive game was of all things ratchet and clank

7:56 PMaddictedtochaosDo a shot every time Andrew says gameplay. Lol

7:58 PMjordan thompsonaddictedtochoas all I got is milk and water

7:59 PMmatthew wilsonthe most next gen game shown was ratchet and clank, a ps4/xb1 cant do the enverment swapping shown in that demo

8:00 PMjordan thompsonwould have preferred bugsex but thats me

8:00 PMmatthew wilsonthats a remake of the from software game, and sony owns the demon souls ip anyways

8:00 PMIngenting Filmendemon souls is a remake tho

8:00 PMIngenting Filmenthank god

8:01 PMIngenting Filmenyou got me you bastard!

8:02 PMjordan thompsonAndrew stop saying gameplay I’m dying here

8:03 PMaddictedtochaosblue point

8:03 PMaddictedtochaosYou are correct

8:03 PMmatthew wilsonblue point, they are sony’s internal remake studio

8:04 PMaddictedtochaosThere was a rumor that they were remaking Legend of Dragoon.

8:04 PMjordan thompsonahhh he said it again

8:05 PMmatthew wilsonits a septrail seqaul by the looks of it to re4, its a semi open worldish

8:05 PMIngenting Filmenthe fact that it was Resident Evil caught me completely by surprise, getting some Bram Stoker style into it works for me

8:06 PMjordan thompsonis this a crossover with M.Night shomilon village

8:06 PMWolf Monkeyis it coming next year?

8:07 PMmatthew wilsonsince I wasnt here for the ps5 hardware talk I am guessing. its disgined the way it is to maximize cooling, since sony gave thoe chips a 15% oc, which is a rather toasty overcloacked’

8:07 PMmatthew wilsonoverclock

8:08 PMjordan thompsondid you take a hit of acid or is that the actual description

8:10 PMgogosegagado you think there will be a switch 2 or a completely new thing from nintendo?

8:10 PMjordan thompsonandrew is good at adulting

8:10 PMaddictedtochaosSomeone already did

8:10 PMIngenting FilmenCommence the console wars. Router vs Fridge

8:10 PMmatthew wilsonroumer on that btw is sony under estamated ms, ms went supper powerful, and sony oced the chip to get somewhat close

8:10 PMaddictedtochaosPhotoshop the router

8:11 PMjordan thompsonI said adulting not adultery

8:11 PMmatthew wilsonalso why does your work use netgear…

8:12 PMmatthew wilsonalso looks like more horizon, so no gameplay needed

8:13 PMaddictedtochaosXbox will be showing their games next month.

8:14 PMjordan thompsonI think its gonna be hard for sony to repaint the PS5 as the PS1 for the nostalgic edition

8:14 PMmatthew wilsonmaybe I am a purest, but small bussnesses should be using something like ubiquite

8:15 PMmatthew wilsonalso current roumers have the ps5 costing more to make than xsx b/c of custum ssd interface

8:17 PMjordan thompsonits cheap and we need max profit

8:18 PMaddictedtochaosXbox seems determined to meet or beat the PS5 in price.

8:18 PMmatthew wilsonI think the digital version is sony to try to get the costs down to meet ms price

8:18 PMmatthew wilsonthat model screems cost issues

8:18 PMjordan thompsonwhat do you think of the new town of CHAZ in Washington

8:19 PMmatthew wilsonthe digital ps5, and xsx will both be 499

8:20 PMmatthew wilsonmy guess is digital ps5 will be 499/ps5 will be 549

8:21 PMIngenting Filmenyea digital pulls in way more money than physical per sale so I think both companies will push the digital editions very hard from now on

8:21 PMjordan thompsoncould Sony do something like stadia for the selling factor of the all digital edtion

8:21 PMmatthew wilsonthe forbse artcle from a few months back has cost of goods for sony at 470

8:22 PMmatthew wilsonnote thats for parts only

8:22 PMIngenting Filmenhmm a game… hmm… Jazz Jackrabbit 2

8:22 PMWolf Monkeywhat are our choices?

8:22 PMjordan thompsonI guess I’m just the old fart that still wants 99% of my collection physical

8:23 PMWolf MonkeyMonster Hunter World

8:23 PMmatthew wilsonI think the digital version only exists so they can hit 499

8:23 PMaddictedtochaosif gaming goes all digital, I’m out.

8:24 PMmatthew wilsonI am the opisiter, full digital I dont want a ton of space decated to disks

8:24 PMIngenting FilmenI haven’t bought a physical game in three years… geez

8:24 PMWolf Monkeyid like to see your dvd collection sometime

8:24 PMjordan thompson[message retracted]

8:26 PMmatthew wilsonI trust steam enough

8:26 PMmatthew wilsonfor that

8:26 PMmatthew wilsonI grew up with that too, but I mostly abanded physcal a decade ago, when I mostly moved to pc

8:28 PMWolf Monkeyis that my hime i see?

8:28 PMjordan thompsonpeople wonder why the younger generation is so entitled its cause they literally have the world at their fingertips its eaiser to pay for access to media the leave the house seeking a copy of your own

8:29 PMIngenting Filmenfave mst3k episode?

8:29 PMIngenting Filmenalso, MIke or Joel?

8:31 PMWolf Monkeyi think mike is funnier

8:32 PMWolf Monkeyi like bill corbett better than trace belieu to

8:32 PMIngenting Filmenalways preferred Mike myself, the delivery and voice make it for me

8:32 PMjordan thompsonare you gonna finish off the jem marathon with the live action movie

8:33 PMWolf Monkeymy favorite episode is giant spider invasion

8:35 PMIngenting Filmenheard the Jem comic is supposed to be really good

8:35 PMjordan thompsonif jem could do a crossover with any other 80s cartoons who would you choose

8:37 PMIngenting FilmenGhostbusters a good shout for a crossover

8:37 PMjordan thompsontransformers is hasbro

8:40 PMjordan thompsonor jem does a concert for the troops and cobra tries to ruin it

8:41 PMaddictedtochaosNot hasbro but maybe TMNT.

8:41 PMIngenting Filmenthere’s a song in a GI Joe episode where Cobra starts a band that makes a hypnotizing song. an instrumental of the song appear in both Transformers and Jem I think so they are kinda the same universe

8:42 PMIngenting Filmencrossover could be canon

8:43 PMjordan thompsondo you think if you gave jem a chance as a kid you would have gotten into it

8:43 PMIngenting Filmenarticulation made such a difference in how much I liked a toy

8:44 PMCyberian_TigerWhat was Heman about again?

8:44 PMCyberian_TigerI only know it from the memes.

8:45 PMjordan thompsonno muppet babies has the most kickass theme

8:46 PMCyberian_Tiger“Decades” We are old now.

8:47 PMIngenting FilmenDerek and his Broken Butt is totally gonna be my next bands name

8:47 PMaddictedtochaosMy sister had a few barbies that were fully articulated.

8:49 PMaddictedtochaosThere is a new Masters of the Universe show being developed by Kevin Smith.

8:50 PMjordan thompsonthe endings where he-man recaps the episode and gives a moral lesson is so cringy now

8:50 PMCyberian_TigerI remember watching that, i really liked it. I think it was the show I know of that had cut-away jokes

8:51 PMaddictedtochaosKevin Smith’s is a sequel series to the original 80s show.

8:53 PMjordan thompsondid you ever watch the he-man or thundercats reboots, the thundercats reboot was good

8:53 PMIngenting Filmenpuberty barbie… yup after a quick google that is indeed a thing. didn’t expect it to be from the 60s tho

8:54 PMjordan thompsonhow many little girls in the 80s spun their arms to try to get taller and grow boobs

8:54 PMCyberian_TigerSaw the new thundercats, not a fan of the new art style, I think its referred to as the Cal-style.

8:55 PMCyberian_TigerRemember that Millennial version of monopoly ? Sweet jessus

8:57 PMjordan thompsonMS. Monopoly was worse

8:57 PMIngenting Filmenyou know guys have done that, they probably have made it into a weightlifting sport by now

8:58 PMCyberian_TigerBubble style is best i can describe it.

8:59 PMCyberian_TigerYou mean, like how it seem like there is extra light on their breasts?

9:00 PMaddictedtochaosHave to say I’ve never seen that in anime.

9:01 PMCyberian_TigerReflective breats… We don’t call them head-lights for nothing, slik

9:02 PMjordan thompsonJapanese animators dont get out enough to know what real breast look like, what do you expect

9:02 PMIngenting Filmenbreasts totally reflect light like a concave mirrors dontchaknow?

9:03 PMjordan thompsonI dont know I got pretty cross eyed when I saw my ex’s but I’m pretty sure it wasnt the light that contribited to it

9:04 PMIngenting Filmenthese breasts aren’t blinding me with light… I’ll put a stop to this

9:04 PMCyberian_TigerTo each their own right?

9:05 PMCyberian_TigerI think its a style, I mean I admit I like it, but I know its not real.

9:07 PMjordan thompsonor every anime girl they draw just use way to much oil

9:08 PMjordan thompsonJapanese animators polish them like bowling balls

9:08 PMCyberian_TigerI do like the 90s style of anime

9:09 PMIngenting Filmenmore! more sheen on the breast! bring out the car polish!

9:10 PMjordan thompsonget a car buffer on those puppies

9:10 PMIngenting FilmenI’m not much into anime but 80s style neo tokyo stuff like Bubblegum Crisis I do like

9:11 PMaddictedtochaosOne piece is that way for me

9:11 PMjordan thompsonhave you seen Mouse on adultswim

9:11 PMaddictedtochaosNever liked the art style of it

9:12 PMCyberian_TigerYeah, shot at a hotel and someone’s large upscale place. But they know ahead of time whats going on

9:12 PMjordan thompsonthe most expensive porno was a rip on Pirates of the Caribbean

9:13 PMCyberian_TigerYou mean 12oz Mouse?

9:14 PMjordan thompsonyes 12oz mouse

9:14 PMCyberian_TigerThey do pay well, I will say that in my experince

9:14 PMjordan thompsonits known to be one of the worst animated pubily aired show

9:15 PMCyberian_TigerOh trust me, they do clean up, won’t even noticed what went down.

9:15 PMIngenting Filmenbring a UV light and have some fun

9:16 PMCyberian_Tiger…did you see that spongebob porn with the live actors?

9:16 PMIngenting Filmenoh the pirates porno had a budget in the millions

9:16 PMjordan thompsonandrew you are a nearly 40 year old bachlor I have no doubt every square inch of that apatment is violated

9:16 PMCyberian_Tiger…your looking it up right now arnt you all?”

9:18 PMCyberian_Tiger“Oh..I didn’t know a human Leg can do that” – Andrew

9:19 PMaddictedtochaosI think it was just called Pirates

9:19 PMjordan thompsonpirates of the flickthebean

9:20 PMLyricallyChello good sir

9:20 PMLyricallyCwhat did I miss

9:21 PMLyricallyCI been thinking of a Zelda trilogy

9:21 PMLyricallyCand if this second game will have a studio ghibli feel to it

9:21 PMCyberian_Tiger“We talked about porno and how they clean up after it filming. Also is couch second hand? Just curious.”

9:21 PMmoinintendoHi everyone

9:21 PMLyricallyCHave you played Remember me?

9:21 PMLyricallyCor some of the Capcom 5?

9:22 PMLyricallyCthey never done a zelda trilogy

9:23 PMIngenting Filmenwind waker, spirit tracks & Phantom hourglass. altough not really a continous story

9:23 PMLyricallyCunless windwaker/phantom hourglass/spirit tracks are those

9:24 PMLyricallyCHow is that play?

9:24 PMLyricallyCI hear about it but never saw it

9:25 PMjordan thompsonI learned to knit I middle school. I intended to make my grandma a scarf I gave her a handtowl. I was a lazy child

9:26 PMCyberian_TigerCapcom, I miss Darkstalkers

9:27 PMjordan thompsonwhat do you think of AMC theaters cutting out Universal film upon its return

9:27 PMLyricallyCP.N. 03 was hard to find in store

9:27 PMLyricallyCI never seen it

9:27 PMLyricallyCKiller 7

9:27 PMaddictedtochaosKiller 7

9:29 PMCyberian_Tiger3

9:29 PMaddictedtochaosAt least 3

9:29 PMCyberian_TigerFar as I know

9:29 PMCyberian_TigerEven a moving I got on VHS in 2004

9:29 PMIngenting FilmenI legit thought Killer 7 was the seventh in a series when I was a kid

9:30 PMLyricallyCI wonder how would you rate an era for a video game company? 80’s-2019

9:30 PMjordan thompsonuniversal and disney are two of the biggest studios its kind of a deathwish to refuse their business as a theater chain

9:30 PMCyberian_TigerIf you though Killer 7 was the 7th Imagine if you saw XIII

9:31 PMLyricallyCLike Capcom for example

9:31 PMjordan thompsonits like if gamestop boycotted Microsoft

9:32 PMCyberian_TigerI’m looking forward to that. Yeah its not ground braking but I liked it and played it a lot.

9:32 PMaddictedtochaosHave you ever played Samurai Western on PS2?

9:32 PMIngenting FilmenXIII was a game I saw in every store all the time but knew no one who had even rented it.

9:33 PMIngenting Filmenplayed it a few years ago finally and kinda liked it

9:33 PMjordan thompsoni just started playing Mario Tennis Aces its neat that is has a story mode but the mini games can get tedious

9:34 PMCyberian_TigerI was the other way around I only saw XIII one time and picked up for a 20. THe multiplayer was fun with bots

9:34 PMCyberian_Tigerdid use the Unreal engine

9:34 PMLyricallyCthink part of ps3/360 era was bad for them

9:35 PMIngenting FilmenCapcom lately has really been great. especially in the tech department. amazing visuals and great optimization

9:35 PMLyricallyCfor capcom because of Bionic Commando, Dark Void, and RE 6

9:35 PMaddictedtochaosSamurai Western is awesome but sadly now kinda hard to find.

9:35 PMCyberian_TigerI say late 2000s was kind of bad time for capcon like Bionic

9:36 PMLyricallyCit was the jet flying 3rd action game

9:37 PMLyricallyCfor Dark Void

9:37 PMIngenting Filmendark void is the least memorable AAA game in existence I’d say

9:37 PMLyricallyCI would say for Konami: the 90’s was top with SNES/Genesis and the Arcades

9:38 PMLyricallyCThe 80’s following next with NES games

9:38 PMLyricallyC2000 with Metal Gear and DDR

9:38 PMLyricallyCand then 2010-19 that may had been the least

9:39 PMjordan thompsononly 20 more hours and the steam ends….. this is the charity steam right???

9:40 PMaddictedtochaosEver since they forced out Kojima, they have been downhill.

9:41 PMCyberian_TigerGotta head out, you all take care, great chatting with you again Andrew

9:42 PMLyricallyCLifeline by Konami may have been a big wreck on the PS2 with the Microphone

9:42 PMLyricallyCDeath Stranding is Kojima Production/Sony without Konami

9:42 PMaddictedtochaosDeath Stranding was Kojima Productions, published by Sony.

9:42 PMLyricallyCOh, What about Odama for Gamecube by Sega

9:44 PMjordan thompsonso when did this turn into the extra life charity steam

9:44 PMLyricallyCGo and eat andrew. I will have to watch this from the beginning

9:44 PMLyricallyChave a good night

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