BumbleKast #81: Mystery Science Theater 3000


On this episode, Ian and Kyle remind you to repeat to yourself: “this is just a show, I should really just relax!”

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In the intro to The Flash, we are told, “My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive!” In that epically 90’s theme song for the Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM cartoon, Sonic is similarly described as being “The fastest thing aliiiiiive!” So who would win if the two raced each other?

Jesus A.
If you were to make an adaption of X4, X5, & ,X6, what would you do?
A. Have X, & Zero go through the same adventure, since they have their own paths.
B. How the Space Colony Eurasia crashed on Earth.
C. How would you write Zero’s resurrection in X6, but somehow stay true to the original storyline, but add some details.

I know I brought up Sonic Underground before but can we expect an IDW version of Aleena the Hedgehog to appear in the new comics.

BumbleUmbleChumbleKast! We all know Ian loves to work lyrics from Sonic theme songs into IDW, and I was wondering, if Whisper and Tangle had theme songs what would they sound like?

Ernest Panda
Do you have stuff like game timelines, general lore, and world maps planned out for IDW Sonic? If so for the timeline part, how much does it differ from post-SGW Archie? Are there any games left out? Are any of them in a different order than before?

Curious to know which of the Supposed “Mandates” by Sega you actually intend to obey, since you’ve broken every single one you’ve mentioned in the past. You’d think SEGA would be pretty pissed at you adding characters to the lore who don’t exist, as per their so-called “mandate”?

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