Molehill Mountain Episode 124 – Exactly As Advertised


Bad Bethesda. Bad, bad Bethesda!

  • 33:09 – Bethesda advertised a nice canvas bag for its Collector’s Edition of Fallout 76 but sent gamers a cheap nylon bag instead
  • 46:05 – The ESA makes an absurd, lie-filled statement about Loot Boxes

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:47 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone

6:58 PMeathdemonso what did you think of the anime you watched andrew

6:58 PMeathdemonneir should be your next game

6:58 PMHeiwa’s TeaHELLO

6:59 PMeathdemonabout 30 hours

6:59 PMeathdemon30 to 50

6:59 PMeathdemonall of them

6:59 PMHeiwa’s TeaStart an ASMR channel lol

6:59 PMeathdemonall 5 of them I should say

7:00 PMeathdemon30 is mainline 50 if yoyu do a bunch of side quests

7:02 PMlugiaeHi!

7:03 PMaddictedtochaosHello

7:03 PMeathdemonnah I will be in bed

7:04 PMlugiaeIt’ll be at 8:00 for me.

7:05 PMaddictedtochaosYour tweets covered it rather well.

7:05 PMaddictedtochaosThe ESA

7:08 PMlugiaeThe Castle B-Plot really overtook the rest of the season, yeah. Finale was nice, though.

7:10 PMeathdemonI mean seasson 3 the forge guy will be the villan

7:10 PMeathdemonbad guy

7:12 PMlugiaeYou’ve played more Castlevania than I have. (read: none)

7:15 PMeathdemonthe first 4 were a pilot

7:15 PMeathdemondisney is taking their ball and going home to their own streaming service

7:16 PMlugiaeso dumb.

7:16 PMeathdemonI mean disney wants their own streaming service

7:17 PMaddictedtochaosDisney has said no rated R content on Disney + and the Netflix shows are all pretty rated R

7:17 PMlugiaeWho will buy Disney Channel again, tho? You cut cable for a reason.

7:17 PMlugiaethis is why Cable’s going down.

7:18 PMeathdemonthere were roumers they were going to try to start geting anime to help fill it out, but I think they relized most wont meat their family standerds

7:18 PMlugiaeGlad Pokémon ain’t stuck w/ Disney’s crap.

7:18 PMeathdemonganaric name, good show

7:19 PMeathdemona op slime, the most op slime ever

7:21 PMlugiaesounds good. Where should I watch Slime?

7:21 PMeathdemonand he can take skills by eating his enamies

7:24 PMeathdemonhavent seen it, from what I heard about the first epasode, it put me off the show

7:25 PMeathdemonI like dark, but it seems like that scene was un needed

7:25 PMeathdemonand I like very dark ashows

7:29 PMlugiaeCongrats!

7:30 PMeathdemonaparently they are redubbing it

7:30 PMeathdemonI am ok with that since late 90s/oos dubs werent great

7:30 PMaddictedtochaosNever could get into Neon Genesis

7:30 PMeathdemonwe dont know

7:31 PMeathdemonthey havent said

7:31 PMeathdemonas to why

7:32 PMlugiaeNot looking forward to LA Bebop. The old one’s still great!

7:32 PMeathdemonits one of the most influential anime odf the last 20 years for good and ill

7:32 PMaddictedtochaosBebop is a good anime made great by a stellar soundtrack

7:32 PMlugiaeI liked Space Dandy.

7:33 PMaddictedtochaosFaye isn’t meant to be a very likable character

7:34 PMlugiaeThey don’t mix together too well, no.

7:34 PMaddictedtochaosThey tolerate her. That’s about it.

7:35 PMlugiaeAh, Bethesda trying to weasel out of that class-action, huh?

7:36 PMaddictedtochaosTheir games are only good 6-8 months later after they patched everything.

7:36 PMeathdemonthat was a beta bug

7:37 PMaddictedtochaosThat is a problem with Bethesda, they aren’t devs, they are just glorified modders.

7:37 PMlugiaeI’ve never really felt the appeal of collector’s editions.

7:38 PMlugiaeAlso, no disc, iirc! A cardboard “disc” with a download code! Correct me if I’m wrong.

7:38 PMlugiaeDon’t quite know.

7:40 PMlugiaeAccepting those atoms waives your right to sue Bethesda, too. It’s “compensation”.

7:41 PMlugiaeIt’s grounds for an actual false-advertising lawsuit.

7:44 PMlugiaeStill a lawsuit, though.

7:45 PMlugiaethe Infinity Eggs? Heard about them.

7:48 PMaddictedtochaosDoom and Wolfenstein are made by id and only published by Bethesda

7:48 PMeathdemonthey speck for companies

7:49 PMlugiaeoh god

7:52 PMUpdog’s Music Dumpagreed. Unless if the reward is consistently of equal or greater value to your wager then it’s still gambling

7:53 PMlugiaeFor Pities sake, ESA, you can gamble in Pokémon! You don’t need real money to gamble!

7:57 PMlugiaeGacha game.

8:01 PMlugiaeYou can increase Stars from base now in FEH, actually.

8:03 PMSusanne Christgood evening ^·^

8:03 PMlugiaeHey, Susanne.

8:03 PMSusanne Christoh hey! ^·^

8:03 PMlugiaeWhat’s your opinion on lootboxes?

8:05 PMSusanne Christdepends. if its cute fru fru eh charge as much as u want. if the game stops “working” w out it or incomplete so not cool

8:06 PMlugiaeIt’s less carrot-and-stick and more being-beaten-with-a-carrot.

8:08 PMSusanne Christand ur alergic to carrots xD

8:08 PMlugiaeI can’t take credit for that one – I got it from a webcomic called Freefall.

8:08 PMeathdemonwhat do you think of the changes to steams rev split? $10m or less still 30% 10m to 50m 25% 50+ 20%

8:12 PMlugiaeDoes the ESRB do it for new DLC?

8:13 PMUpdog’s Music Dumpin-game purchases on the back of a game box probably wouldn’t have nearly as much of a negative implication as violence or nudity in the eyes of parents either

8:13 PMUpdog’s Music Dumpmaybe if the descriptor was gambling or paid gambling instead

8:14 PMUpdog’s Music Dumpoh really I had no idea

8:15 PMUpdog’s Music Dumpthat makes sense yea

8:16 PMlugiaeYou have to buy those?

8:18 PMlugiaeSAME

8:18 PMSusanne Christ00!! lol

8:18 PMUpdog’s Music Dumpthats cool

8:21 PMaddictedtochaosSpeak for yourself, lol

8:21 PMlugiaeSorry, Chaos.

8:22 PMjordan thompsonAndrew Zach not everyone with OCD is a super spy I don’t think there’s a need to worry

8:23 PMjordan thompsonever heard of the 23 enigma

8:24 PMjordan thompsonI was expecting you to say you ran into the same deer in the mall, imagine uf you did

8:24 PMeathdemondude I got a dell, yes I am old

8:24 PMeathdemonlol

8:24 PMlugiaedeer > kids

8:24 PMeathdemonj/k

8:24 PMUpdog’s Music Dumplol how would you know its the same deer jordan

8:25 PMlugiaeYay

8:25 PMeathdemon​what do you think of the changes to steams rev split? $10m or less still 30% 10m to 50m 25% 50+ 20%

8:26 PMjordan thompsonso lets say the deer were at the verizon kiosk and andrew walked by locking eyes with the deer, you know it was the same based on how you both reacted its in the eyes

8:26 PMlugiaeI think that was a specific subset of the program, the whitelist.

8:27 PMeathdemonwell indie devs arent threatening to leave

8:28 PMeathdemonI hope a bunch of devs do, but I doubt most devs will share info

8:29 PMeathdemonor maybe file size since bandwith is expensive

8:29 PMeathdemonubisoft still sells on steam

8:30 PMeathdemonacording to steam spy guy valve pays 3c a gig

8:30 PMjordan thompsonyou know indie devs existed in some form or fashion forever, like all the shovelware games on the NES, yes those developers licenced the game though Nintendo but those devs are now long forgotten

8:31 PMeathdemonso if you download a 50 gig game, costs valve $1.50

8:31 PMUpdog’s Music Dumpabout 10 valuable ips actually lol

8:32 PMSusanne Christgood night guys! thanks for the podcast ^·^

8:33 PMlugiaeI’ll be up.

8:33 PMjordan thompsonyour gonna make me wake up at 7am to watch you for 3 minuets …. Andrew youre pushing it!!!

8:35 PMjordan thompsonis the video gonna be up later after 6am

8:35 PMlugiaeIt’ll still be up.

8:35 PMAndrew EisenYes, once it premiers, it will be live for everyone on my YouTube channel.

8:36 PMAndrew EisenSo no worries if you don’t wake up in time!

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