Viper’s VGMture – E86 – Weathering the Storm (08 February 2024)


When you buy a new bit of tech and test it hours ahead of time, you just expect it to work, don’t you? This is rarely ever the case for an internet radio host, so join Viper as he weathers the storm and tells you about his January!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Audio crackling was present in the live airing of this show. This is also present in the podcast version and while edited around as best as possible, it is still audible for the first couple of seconds surrounding and during the first talkbreak. Apologies for the audio quality during this section. This issue is not the case for the rest of the episode.

00:00:00 Super Mario 64 – Super Mario 64 Main Theme
00:02:21 Mr. Driller: Drill Land – nuts!
00:05:28 Welcome to Viper’s VGMture
00:11:38 Dragon Quest IV (iOS/Android) – Homeland (Hero’s Theme)
00:14:43 Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Overture [Symphonic]
00:16:39 You’re Listening to Viper’s VGMture
00:39:03 River City Girls (Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun Gaiden River City Girls) – Boss: Noize
00:42:40 Need for Speed: Carbon – Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
00:47:52 This is Viper’s VGMture
01:01:59 Pokémon X & Y – Battle! (Gym Leader)
01:06:24 Mr. Driller: Drill Land – Facing South
01:09:54 Thanks for Listening!
01:13:58 Super Mario 64 – Staff Roll