Viper’s VGMture – E03 – I Haven’t the “Foggiest” (13 April 2022)


There’s music galore on this week’s VGMture! We also chat about Cuphead, Viper’s lack of Mega Man experience and “foggy” Pokémon ROM hacks…

00:00:00 LocoRoco – panguraratta ~LocoRoco Red’s Theme~
00:03:31 Kirby’s Return to Dream Land (Kirby’s Adventure Wii) – Walking in the Sea
00:05:34 Welcome to Viper’s VGMture
00:14:41 Klonoa: Door To Phantomile – The Windmill Song
00:18:00 Cuphead – One Hell of a Time
00:20:56 You’re Listening to Viper’s VGMture
00:28:30 Pokémon Unbound – Battle! Rival
00:30:41 Mega Man (Rockman) – Dr. Wily’s Castle
00:32:50 This is Viper’s VGMture
00:39:06 Final Fantasy VII Remake – STAND UP
00:41:09 Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc – Box 15
00:45:07 You’re Locked in to Viper’s VGMture
00:50:37 Rocket League – All I Need (Intro Song)
00:54:24 Mother 3 – Porky’s Porkies
00:56:03 Thanks for Listening!
01:04:40 Astro’s Playroom – Cooling Springs

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