Touhou Tuesday 2015-11-03: Translator-chan Loses It


I learned in this episode of Touhou Tuesday that Google Translate seems to get less and less effective with each passing week, so I just give up and try to say the song titles thanks to the magic of romaji. Anyway, today I played a new song by Kommisar! It’ll be part of a multi-artist compilation with a bunch of Japanese chiptune artists like daitem, YS, and more, as well as featuring one other Westerner, HertzDevil. You can check out crossfades for the album on this site here. Read on for the full playlist:

  1. Machikado-Mapoze – えーりん先生の蓬莱ヨガ教室 ~Mambo Ver.~
  2. 3L – The Rise and Fall
  3. 平茸 – Cold Snap
  4. Tsubaki – Absolute zero -273.15-
  5. Babbe feat. Milky – LET ME BE YOUR STAR (Separate Version)
  6. 藤谷尚希 – A dream of puppeteers
  7. どぶウサギ – 孤独な人狼 ~ The Lonely Werewolf
  8. BLANKFIELD – Falling Falls
  9. Rolling Contact – Paranormal Parasol
  10. 、ィ、惕ソ、・ – Truntable go round (DJ katsu CLUB EDIT)
  11. NU-KO – Rhythm Mania
  12. DJ Command/Vo. 3L & maria♂polo – Last Moments
  13. Kommisar – La Princesse de la Révolution
  14. 骨折飲料 – Magical Sakuyachan☆Star
  15. 紅い流星 – 六十年目の東方裁判
  16. ふえ吹き野うさぎ – Fall of Summer Memories
  17. milka – 星をつむぐよ
  18. witch – 感傷
  19. A~YA – Ring a Ding a Ring a Dong
  20. 紅い流星 – 風神少女 〜天狗的日常2014
  21. 汐凪くじら chor.霜月はるか – 花たてまつれ 忘我の蝶
  22. まさみティー – ミューチュアル一方通行
  23. すいでんげつ – 廃獄ララバイ
  24. ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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