Touhou Tuesday 2013-05-28: Go Home and Be A Shrine Maiden ~ Both Cohosts Appear! Reitaisai 10


Today was quite an amazing show. It’s the first time both TrueStar and Teezan have cohosted at the same time, so there was lots of discussion to be had, especially under the circumstances! There was so much to talk about: TrueStar graduating, Teezan and I attending Fanime, cYsmix’s album, as well as the rest of the Reitaisai 10 releases. I’ll have more Rei10 releases to play next week, so stay tuned!

miko – Hello!

cYsmix – Death’s Grasp

sumijun – 物凄いライヴでチルノがそこはかとなく物凄いうた

Nhato – LIMBO

黒崎朔夜 – Dear me!

Babbe – Scared Fairy With Nice Pantsu (Babbe Remix)

Masayoshi Minoshima – 今日からコズミックトラップ (Today’s Cosmic Trap)

たま、Ginryu – Lingering Cold feat. Ginryu

茶太 – ЯOPE

LIQU@。 – 退廃的ペシミズム

ランコ – 電光石火

Jun.A – 迷宮III 憤怒の冬

oiko – afternoon snack

まさみティー – 人間の歴史は愛の炎

たま、妖狐 – slushy poetry feat. 妖狐 (Never Knows Forever Remix)

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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