Touhou Tuesday 2012-11-13: Genre Shock


In this episode I am DJing solo again, TrueStar once again falling victim to the trap of studying for really hard science courses. I use all that extra time to play awesome music, and cover all sorts of genres people seemed to like and dislike both : ). I also take some time to talk about my past weekend with Regris and Animeweedlord420 at ZOECon and all the things I did in the past week. Read on for the playlist.

spctrm – 永夜抄

MORRIGAN – Midnight March

HertzDevil – Our Hisoutensoku

t+pazolite | リズナ – Honey I Scream!

Morrigan – Volcanic Flow

Syrufit – on the way home

ORANGE★JAM – Heaven in the Sky

京箪笥/仲篠田 むぎ – sweet home

Yuyoyuppe – Darkness Is Always Next To Me

トマト組 & Bos – Stream of time

岩杉夏 – 断罪ヤマザナドゥ!

水橋ゆっきー – フェアリーズステップ

DJ Nanasaki Vs Yuuna Kamishiro – The Clear Sky

まさみティー – 温泉と酒で気分は祭よ

まさみティー – 地底に響け、草原の音 part1

yana – 花のいろは

gray – Aerophobia

AXEL.K – Flowering Fantasia

凛 – Chireiden set 02 〜 封じられた妖怪

Floating Cloud – 神々が恋した幻想郷アレンジ~東方風神録

ランコ×3L – 金色の雨月


spctrm – a field of clouds

spctrm – eureka

Quad City DJs vs void feat. 3L – Slamacle∞Jamacle

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