Touhou Tuesday 2012-09-04: Cirno Masterpiece Theater


What an elegant way to start the show, huh? In this episde TrueStar shows up a bit late, but we had more than enough silly conversations to make up for it. Also, Locke’s Art is ceasing production of their Touhou t-shirts, so show your support by buying up every last one! They’re all discounted too. Read on for the playlist:

中雑魚酒菜 – チルノ組曲より「Tempo di Gavotti」

とーなるぐらびてぃ – “Exorcism”

RD-Sounds – 「Cruel CRuEL」

osoumen – BOSS II

水橋ゆっきー – SweetyFluity

トマト組 & Bos – Falling Moments

F9/きよの – Secret treasure

amo – Four little Scarlet

CROW’SCLAW – Last Remote

此糸ウルヱ – GRIMOIRE

Babbe – Kero-chan’s party

t+pazolite – Luv the lUNatic?? (Straight Mix )

坂上なち – シンデレラは魔法使い

東京アクティブNEETs – 天狗的日常

<echo>PROJECT (Mano×やよいちゃん / Vo.がお ) – 10.羊の塔

小峠 舞 – Up to you

Attrielectrock – RHODON

とーなるぐらびてぃ – “The Relict”

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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