Touhou Tuesday 2012-06-19: Fabulous Prizes


Today I played some of everything. I even had a block of trance, celtic, and swing at the same time 😀 as usual. Also, marvel at the amazing background music during the talking segments. Today was a lot of fun and I hope you have fun listening to it! Read on for the playlist.

3L – 惑いの月 / RAYTO MIX

LIQU@。 – スーパーキョンシーYO・SHI・KAちゃん

まさみティー – formula of phantasm

As/Hi – Iku`s memory _ ある日常における出来事

witch – 待宵ダンシング!

綾倉盟 – monochrome

Xacla – cybernetic solar explosion

Takuya Hori – Mystery of your town

Silvernia family – 流星ドライヴをSilvernia familyが歌ってみた

shiho – bark at the moon

liebe – Fraud, I promise [今昔幻想郷 ~ Flower Land]

さゆり – Bad AppleⅡ

flap+frog – second flush(second flash )

Shibayan – fof

Floating Cloud – デザイアドライブアレンジ~東方神霊廟 アルバム「幻想郷事変」収録ver.

ナトリーメグ – Tightrope Dancing

<echo>PROJECT (Mano×やよいちゃん / Vo.がお ) – 06.whip*syrup

spctrm – worshiper

amo – Requiescat in Pace

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

[BGM] Score Productions – 1983 Showcase Cue (Extended Mix )

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