Touhou Tuesday #132 (2016-01-26): Deep Sea Dating ~ Interview with Orz and Roukanken


A special episode today! I haven’t done an interview in a while. This time, I sit down with orz ( and Roukanken ( who together made a short and cute visual novel called Deep Sea Dating. It’s a short story about Wakasagihime (a mermaid) who takes her girlfriend Kagerou (a werewolf) on a date under a lake. It’s available for free on Rou’s site. I also featured some songs from the very first (documented) Touhou arrangement album, Stardust Reverie, which is a pretty interesting window into what doujin music was like back then, where it didn’t really sound that much better than the originals, whereas 13 years later you have full orchestras recording the same music. Speaking of doujin, today’s BGM was from Rabi-Ribi, which will be out on Steam this week, which I think you’ll enjoy if you like Touhou. Read on for the full playlist:

  1. ビートまりお – 鬼灯提灯紅魂
  3. IZNA – 良くも悪くも。
  4. IZNA・ランコ – 神楽0
  5. Threxx – Touhou 3 – Sailor of Time
  6. myu – Shanghai Alice
  7. Mister Yoda、かませ虎 – いちごの悩み
  8. Tsukasa+katsu feat. 雨宿 どみ乃 – O-One de Circuit
  9. 瑶山百霊 – フライト・ナイト・フライト
  10. ぬらりひょん – ハイペリオン
  11. ELEMENTAS feat. 越田Rute隆人 – Loveless Lullaby
  12. nachi – 賢者の極北
  13. FELT – Silent star
  14. 瑶山百霊 – 雪幻ティルナノーグ
  15. Sinon – 組曲『東方紅魔狂』より終曲「495年の狂宴」
  16. ネオ – THE DARK RULER
  17. 水橋ゆっきー – 紅い絨毯はメイドの挨拶
  18. FELT – Doloza
  19. ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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