The Bonus Stages: Episode 02 – Lies, and the Lying DJ That Tells Them


Hello again from funkytown, this month DJ LvL brings you two hours of funky fresh music in the intersection of dance and videogame music, introduces a new segment for the show, and tells you many inaccurate things (all of which I believe were then quickly corrected, if I missed any please let me know. Suffice to say I’ve learned my lesson and will be creating more detailed show notes from now on.)

Show list:

The 8-Bit Big Band ft. Lawrence – I Wanna Take You for a Ride   [Bandcamp]
Pete Frogs – Welcome to the Chemical Plant   [Bandcamp]
PrototypeRaptor – 26th   [Soundcloud]
Teminite – Solar Flare   [Bandcamp]
Wasei “JJ” Chikada – Cheap Casio   [Bandcamp]
The Allergies feat. Andy Cooper – It Won’t Be Me   [Bandcamp]
Mega Ran & Gamechops feat. FabvL – Absolute   [Bandcamp]
Funk Fiction – Red Moon   [Bandcamp]
Big Gigantic feat. GRiZ – C’Mon   [Soundcloud]
Gramatik – A Bright Day   [Bandcamp]
Vector U – Mabe Villiage   [Soundcloud]
Mystery Skulls – Forever   [AmazonMP3]
SugarBeats feat. Calysta Cheyenne – Son of an Outlaw   [Bandcamp]
capsule – Electric Light Moon   [AmazonMP3]
Dream Fiend – Electric Isle   [Bandcamp]
A.M. – Shikinobiggie   [Beatport]
Vector U – Luigi’s Mansion   [Soundcloud]
Flexstyle – Thump Brothers (Donkey Kong Country 3)   [Bandcamp]
Chali 2na – Change the World   [Bandcamp]
yonvolt – Multiplayer ~ Hunters (from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)   [Bandcamp]
bLiNd – Pipe Funk (Super Mario RPG)   [Bandcamp]
Stickybuds – Do Your Thing   [Soundcloud]
Vector U – Jungle Japes   [Soundcloud]
Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On (The Niceguys Remix)   [Soundcloud]
Lemaitre feat. Betty Who – Rocket Girl   [Beatport]
Protostar – Mystic Cave Zone   [Soundcloud]
DeBisco – Song of Storms (Guru-Guru’s Song)   [Bandcamp]

DJ LvL’s Video Game Music Inspired Music Discovery

Ro Panuganti – Aquatic Ambiance   [Bandcamp]
Periphery – Zagreus   [AmazonMP3]


Stay funky,



Note: Bandcamp links always provided when able. Beatport tracks can usually also be found on amazon mp3 at a lower price and the advantage of cloud backup, but at a fixed fidelity.