Radio OverCoat #241 (2017-11-19): Ecstatic


After taking a rest last Sunday I was able to do an 8Staticfest recap episode! This entire playlist is chiptune, but I’ll ease back into my more eclectic mixes next week. I also talk a lot on air [straight up rambling really lmao] about the amazing people I met and the music they make. I had a hell of a time. If you’ve been thinking about seeing a good chiptune show and you can easily get to Philadelphia then I think this is the event you wanna go to. Check out the 8staticfest website since it has all the links you need to get to the music I played tonight, since there’s far too many URLs to keep track of. I do however need to link you to Vim’s new album Evening Products [Bandcamp, Name Your Price]. If you’re looking for some excellent dreamlike chiptunes then this is something you’re gonna want to pick up. Read on for the full playlist:

  1. Auxcide – New Hope [Star Wars]
  2. Game Genie Sokolov – Omen Chaser
  3. Game Genie Sokolov – Pyramid Zone
  4. temp sound solutions – zak-zaka-zak-zak
  5. flow mein – Sky Soarin’
  6. flow mein – Trust Fall
  7. Roboctopus – Your Heart is a Pie Chart
  8. Auxcide – Still Hope [datacats]
  9. Nanode – Cruise
  10. Nanode – Mango (ft. Glenntai)
  11. KORINE – Heart Made of Flowers
  12. Trey Frey – Show Me – (Zabutom Remix)
  13. Makeup And Vanity Set – Richter
  14. Cheap Dinosaurs – Stroll
  15. Temp Sound Solutions – FFVI NEW CONTINENT
  16. Solarbear – Bad Lag Bedlam
  17. Marshall Art – Asteroid Driller
  18. Cheap Dinosaurs – Origin
  19. Chromelodeon – G. A. H.
  20. Game Genie Sokolov – Jupiter Base
  21. Vim – European
  22. Vim – Cotswolds
  23. Vim – Elastic Phase
  24. Vim – Comfort In The Past
  25. Vim – Walking Home
  26. Makeup and Vanity Set – Polyhymnal

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