Radio OverCoat #232 (2017-08-06): A Large Ogg


This week’s show was a real treat, at least for myself. I got a couple new albums to play for the show, T-Square’s 2016 CD “Treasure Hunter” and Yukihiro Takahashi’s “…Only When I Laugh,” vintage 1986. Somehow these albums eluded me until now, but I was able to get them off Google Play’s music store of all places. Otherwise Treasure Hunter in CD form would cost me at least $50! Ouch. I also got some stuff from Bandcamp again, Good Game’s “Don’t Blow It.” [Bandcamp, Name Your Price] ~ fleeting moments ~” from DESKPOP [Bandcamp, Name Your Price] and Garoad’s brilliant VA-11 HALL-A OSTs, [Bandcamp, VA-11 HALL-A Prologue OST – Sounds From The Future, $4.99+ / VA-11 HALL-A – Second Round, $7+]. I’ve been loving VA-11 HALL-A, myself, and you should really give this VN a few playthroughs [], it’s got such a great style and the writing and dialogue is incredible. You know how I feel about anything cyberpunk. Also the OST really meshed well with the T-Square album I got, somehow. Last but not least I have to mention The Stupid Idiot Bros Stupid Show [Bandcamp, Name Your Price] because we finally get some (exciting) music around here! Thanks Robby. Read on for the full playlist:

  1. Garoad – A Neon Glow Lights the Way
  2. T-Square – Metro 7
  4. RoBKTA – Peppermint Tip Taps
  5. Garoad – Drive Me Wild
  6. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Akiko Yano – Steppin’ Into Asia
  7. TAMAONSEN – STILL feat. AO、抹、らっぷびと
  8. Good Game – Cheating the NASA Space Physical
  9. Good Game – Latitudes
  10. Good Game – Stitchface
  11. Stupid Idiot – Mecarobot Golf
  12. Mole Mania
  13. Stemage – Flow
  14. Yukihiro Takahashi – Episode 87
  15. Vince Kaichan – birb
  16. Garoad – Karmotrine Dream
  17. nelward – zone squeeze!
  18. Casiopea – Super Sonic Movement
  19. dynastic – CHERRYVANILLA
  20. Vivienne – I’m the Wind
  21. leon – frog summer
  22. TAMAONSEN – Dreamy Noise feat. ゆうかなで
  23. Marble Pawns – PolygonDream – 7 t h E l e m e n t
  24. rs3 – i am the fallen
  25. Yukihiro Takahashi – Camp
  26. Absorb – Sakura no Ame
  27. Garoad – You’ve Got Me
  28. Haruomi Hosono – Rose & Beast

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