Molehill Mountain Episode 60 – Mayo Beat Ketchup?!!!


I don’t know. You wanna talk about games?

Let’s talk about games.

  • 13:05 – Mario + Rabbids is looking pretty good and not just because it has a singing boss enemy
  • 25:40 – Two Senran Kagura games are coming to the Switch in all their… uh, glory?
  • 36:55 – We discuss the pricing models of Hamster’s Arcade Classics and Nintendo’s Virtual Console
  • 53:03 – Tabletop games are doing better than video games on Kickstarter
  • 1:17:35 – Nintendo clarifies how amiibo are used with Metroid: Samus Returns

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

4:45 PMGasKanOnFirefirst

5:18 PMAndrew EisenCongratulations!

6:31 PMGasKanOnFirethanks, its the little things…

6:52 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.

6:56 PMGasKanOnFireyo

6:58 PMConner ShellshearFirst?

6:58 PMeathdemonyour live

6:58 PMConner ShellshearReally? 

6:59 PMeathdemonf wb with single player micro transactions

6:59 PMConner ShellshearYou are live

6:59 PMeathdemonshadow of war

7:00 PMGasKanOnFireTOTALLY !

7:00 PM13Ucubestopwatch

7:01 PMeathdemondestiny 2 pc is also blocking obs/split game mode capture, though boarderless window still works, but f that as well

7:02 PMjordan thompsonwhy are we discussingporn we still have 9 more episodes before that

7:02 PMGasKanOnFiredont you mean 30 days of kittens

7:03 PM13Ucubehe was Piiissed

7:09 PM13Ucubeandrew jumps out of the wagon.talloon trips and falls

7:12 PMjordan thompsonZack please this needs tostop Billy isn’t happy about the beanbags, Walgreenssaid they would sue if you question the napkins, alsostop making pies for Miss Brady or Neal won’t peelyour watermelons

7:12 PMjordan thompsonI swear I’m not weird I’mjust bored

7:14 PMeathdemonsuprised no rpg has broken it up in to sevral groups and have you move them around the map

7:15 PM13UcubeGo Get Her Ray!!

7:16 PMGasKanOnFireI replayed so many bosses so I can unequip them before they leave

7:19 PMeathdemonwell the new trails in the sky came out on pc, ported by Durante btw

7:20 PMeathdemonits xcom lite

7:21 PMAndrew EisenI heard. I’d like to try those games; heard great things.

7:22 PMeathdemonit doesnt, by the looks of it, the depth xcom has, doesnt mean it will be bad

7:24 PMeathdemonI dont mind rabids, but I am concerned it might be too short. a normal game of xcom can go 20+ hours

7:26 PMeathdemonxcom has a full meta game on top of the battles

7:29 PMeathdemonoh vc buying side missions

7:30 PMeathdemonyou can play it on pc too

7:32 PMeathdemonnice troll

7:33 PMeathdemonfrom what I have heard its a compatent brawler, with lots and lots of fan service

7:34 PM13Ucubealien crush

7:35 PM13Ucubejiggly pudding pinball

7:37 PMCodeNameZhi guys

7:37 PMCodeNameZhow you all doing

7:38 PM13Ucubehey code

7:39 PM13Ucubebored distracted children fromlast week’s chat have found a new home

7:40 PMCodeNameZIs funny how fast Retro CityRampage was ported to the Switch. If you dont knowpeople before wanted a Wii U port and he was like”No it would be hard to port to the Wii U”

7:42 PMTrey Ahzze..

7:44 PMCodeNameZDid you talk about ResidentEvil Revelations 1 and 2 on the Switch?

7:44 PMTrey Ahzzehard to port to wii u…hmmm..he made it for DOS

7:44 PMMagnetic LakeHI ANDREW

7:45 PMCodeNameZNintendo does not affect theprice of Neo Geo game on the Switch. Its all up tohamster

7:46 PMTrey Ahzzetoo much for VC prive

7:46 PMTrey Ahzzeprice

7:46 PMeathdemonne 2, snes 4,n646

7:46 PM13UcubeVC discount prices arereasonable. but full price is too steep

7:46 PMeathdemonn64

7:47 PMMagnetic Lakesenpai noticed me wow guys

7:48 PMCodeNameZIce Climbers and Baloon Fightfor $5? No way in hell

7:49 PMMagnetic Lakewhen do you think nintendo will introduce virtual console to the switch?

7:50 PM13Ucubecontinuing Discounts makessense. also might be nice to Package Games for oneprice

7:51 PM13Ucube50% discount EarthboundBeginnings

7:51 PMCodeNameZNintendo does a halloweensale every year

7:51 PMTrey Ahzzeive been waiting for the price for How To Survive on the Wii U to drop…still $15..all the time.

7:51 PMMagnetic Lakesome fans are willing to buy any game at any horrible price just for something to play on their nintendo consoles

7:52 PMTrey Ahzzehow is Earthbound Beginnings, just happen to be looking at it

7:52 PMMagnetic Lakecan’t say I haven’t fell for it

7:52 PM13Ucubeunlimited discount for all VC lovethat idea

7:53 PMCodeNameZI remerber when Curve Digitalhad an all $1 sales on Wii U. I got every game theyrealised that day

7:54 PM13Ucubeea

7:54 PM13UcubeEB beginnings is good, like an nesearthbound prequel

7:55 PM13Ucubeif you like earthbound

7:56 PMMagnetic LakeNintendo would get attacked if they used amiibo that way I think

7:56 PMMagnetic LakeKetchup > Mayo

7:57 PM13Ucubesome mayo blasphemy on thisstream. im on an island

7:57 PMBornDistractedmayo bologna cheese and onions sandwhich…

7:57 PMTrey AhzzeI wonder if Nintendo would still be in business if they didnt have Amiibos,. Themed 3DS handhelds

7:58 PM13Ucubewii u did cats v dogs. dogs won

7:58 PMCodeNameZI think you can use Mayo onmore things, I never saw anyone putting picles andkechup at a sandwinch but I say Mayo and pickles

7:58 PMBornDistractedyikes

7:59 PMCodeNameZsaw*

7:59 PM13Ucubenotice No cat owners say theyhate dogs

8:00 PMBornDistractedkickstarter on shaky ground right?…

8:00 PMTrey AhzzeNBC even reported on the popularity of board games growing lately

8:01 PMCodeNameZNot only board games areeasyer to make but there ware so many gamingkickstarters that get canceled after the devloper gotmoney

8:02 PMBornDistractedsometimes kickstarter seem more like a GoFundMe…

8:03 PMBornDistractedonce they reach target its gone

8:07 PM13UcubeDid You feel that Earthquakewhere you are, Zachary? it was like yesterday i think

8:15 PM13Ucubei saw 4.4

8:17 PMCodeNameZDid you stop doing theeverything but the Wii U list? If you did why not makea final video about it?

8:20 PMCodeNameZGame of the year edditiondoes not count for me because it is just an old gamewith DLC incluted. Is like if you ask “is a directors cutof a movie a new movie”

8:21 PMBornDistractedgood point Code

8:24 PMTrey AhzzeThe power and storage on Switch

8:26 PMIcySon55it’s on purpose

8:26 PMBornDistractedauto tune will be the down fall of music lol

8:27 PMIcySon55wait, was it Parasite that you said? nvm

8:27 PMBornDistractedlol

8:27 PMBornDistractedauto tune for metal music?…

8:28 PMBornDistractedlol

8:28 PMIcySon55it most certainly does!

8:29 PMTrey Ahzzenite

8:29 PMBornDistractedpeace out! lol…

8:30 PM13Ucubezach has picked up the twitter bug

8:30 PMBornDistractedcan u use auto tune for next episode? ol…

8:31 PMTrey Ahzzemarry the Mayor

8:31 PM13Ucubepepperspray upgrade

8:31 PMCodeNameZI usually play as a girl besidePokemon because the trainer is named after me

8:34 PMMagnetic LakeRune factory frontier deserves a fresh sequel!!

8:34 PMMagnetic LakeAnd Anette was awesome

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