Radio OverCoat #218 (2017-02-22): What Does THIS Button Do?


OK I’m… just a bit late with posting this! Sorry about the wait, but my life’s been kinda crazy lately. Finally been able to tear myself away from Zelda too. This show was pretty heavily focused on the chip scene, with a good half of the show being chiptune or amiga mods. I played the new Data Airlines comp ST-FM (Bandcamp, $10+, available on cassette), as well as a newly discovered [thanks to botber info!] vim side-project G.I.S, specifically his first EP (Bandcamp, pay what you want). I also got a bit of vaporwave in there with the farewell release of the fortune 500 netlabel, the music of the now age III (Bandcamp, lmao it’s just a mediafire link at the bottom of the page). As for the super new, at the time anyway, I played WASD’s amazing new metal album C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA (Bandcamp, $4+). Worth it just for the awesome CANYON.MID cover, fyi. Read on for the full playlist:

  1. Snail’s House – Pixel Galaxy
  2. vim – Stox
  3. spctrm – GITANJALI
  4. Toby Fox – Megalo Strike Back
  6. The Koxx – Dreamer
  8. GOTO80 – Advectorbarski
  9. Snail’s House – Adventure
  10. Mark ‘TDK’ Knight – Sanity Twister
  11. Silver Richards – Happy Hour
  12. alexander chereshnev – fear club
  13. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Chasm
  14. G.I.S – MTP
  15. b o d y l i n e – Dune Shade
  16. Zabutom – Play my Billz
  17. Vim – CAVE-D
  18. G.I.S – SHM
  19. ujami – ipanema
  20. とーなるぐらびてぃ – “The Relict”
  21. ACIDMAN – calm
  22. <echo>PROJECT – Door
  23. G.I.S – OTC
  24. workbench – air cargo
  25. Joshua Morse – Battle Against A Strange Enemy
  26. Fearofdark – Recovery
  27. Yoshiko Sai – Kinu no Michi




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