Radio OverCoat #217 (2017-02-08): Love is Two-Factor Authorization


This week’s show continues the trend of me slowly getting back into the chip scene with another good half a show’s worth of chip. I’ve been kinda busy with personal stuff so I haven’t had time to hunt for new music, however I did get Chibi-tech’s new 2 track release, The Mutual Promise (Bandcamp, $1 or more) which is short but sweet with one of the tracks being trap and the other being neurofunk. Some chillout and ambient for the last bit as I dug through my huge library to play some tracks that haven’t seen the airwaves in a long time. Read on for the full playlist:

  2. TOBIAH – I Love Your Music
  3. Sprite Slowdown – Red Max
  4. virt – choppastyle
  5. Psilodump – Psilodumputer (Dorothys Magic Bag Rock Me-Mix)
  6. RD Sounds – Ms. lonley hedgehog
  7. Anamanaguchi – Pop It
  8. chibi-tech – Tense Max Beam
  9. chibi-tech – Neuromageddon
  10. swerdmurd – Bacon On A Tuesday
  11. TM Network – Rainbow Rainbow (K- Remix)
  12. jiffypop23 – #chiptune -ft. グミ-
  13. Tamaonsen – HEART(S)
  14. keith303 – absolutely interstellar
  15. mikael fyrek – faith of the fallen
  16. xerxes – the lotus variation
  17. pece feat. zuska gruner – missing
  18. d fast – hangman
  19. aleksi virta – the giant catch 22
  20. alexey v – zombie nation
  21. Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts I
  22. Aphex Twin – Lichen
  23. rico zerone – navigator
  24. Haruomi Hosono – Pleocene

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