Radio OverCoat #216 (2017-02-01): Yacht Chip


Oh lucky day~ I had two new albums to play. So not only did Nanode’s new album Paradise (Bandcamp, $1USD or more) release today, but we also have a brand new release from Makeup and Vanity Set, Chrome (Bandcamp, $9USD, $15 Vinyl). I decided to play both in their entirety tonight: MaVS dark, edgy, pulsing synthwave style is showcased here marvelously and almost made me forget I was even DJing a show. Nanode’s release pepped me up with some lighthearted poppy chiptunes and the sounds of seagulls being dicks and stealing my $5 ice cream cone, with a track also featuring Glenntai and a guest piano track from Besso0. I also played a fresh jam from Nickelpunk, Eddie Murphy (part 1), with free downloads, including the track I played tonight if you support his Patreon. What could be in Eddie Murphy Part II I wonder? Read on for the full playlist:

  1. machinae supremacy – soundtrack to the rebellion
  3. Mick Gordon – Rip & Tear
  4. Danimal Cannon – Legacy feat. Zef
  5. Ministry – Bad Blood
  6. Stemage & chunkstyle – Actraiser – Teddy’sBread
  7. DANCE WITH THE DEAD – Banshee
  8. Makeup And Vanity Set – Ghost
  9. Makeup And Vanity Set – Telescreen
  10. Makeup And Vanity Set – Richter
  11. Makeup And Vanity Set – Implant
  12. Makeup And Vanity Set – Code System
  13. Makeup And Vanity Set – Centauri Two
  14. NICKELPUNK – Eddie Murphy (Part I)
  15. James Landino – Show Me Dat Ink!
  16. Malmen – Shelter
  17. EMAR – Miryks
  18. Toni Leys – Seventh Town (feat. Robugaa)
  19. Nanode – Sakura
  20. Nanode – Surf
  21. Nanode – Mango (ft. Glenntai)
  22. Nanode – Cruise
  23. Nanode – Chill
  24. Besso0 – フィナーレ
  25. Virgill – Mystified
  26. paniq – Masagin
  27. lackluster – bothersome (mother mix)

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