Radio OverCoat 2015-09-07: Local Radio DJ Goes Awoo


HOWLIN MAD SOC HERE! – Grab the preview album for Chronicles of Time, a Chrono Trigger tribute album in the works. I played the Marshall Art track, “But You’re Still Hungry” tonight. I also played a new remix from Byproduct of Purple Motion’s part of the 2nd Reality demo, a new track from Harito, a new nagz track out of nowhere that’s vaporwave for whatever reason, a track from a new group I’ve discovered called PYLOT, and two Animal Crossing KK arrangements from ParaParaYukiko & Rekcahdam, & aivi & surasshu. Read on for the full playlist!

howlin mad murphy

Purple Motion – 2nd Reality OST (Byproduct remix)

ParaParaYukiko & Rekcahdam – KK Swing – English Cover

aivi & surasshu – K.K. Cruisin (Interstate 5 Remix)

Marshall Art – But You’re Still Hungry

XTC – Poor Skeleton Steps Out

Yoko Ueno – Yakusoku no Hana

Teleidofusion – Fat Cat Wants Tasty Fish

Metroid Metal – Ridley (Metroid)

Tesla Boy – Keyboards & Synths

Miley Cyrus

PYLOT – Blurred Vision

HWLS – 001

BOSSFIGHT – Milky Ways

Minamoca – White Out

佐野しいな – Flow Away (Kenichi Chiba Remix)

Harito – Caprice Heart

nervous testpilot – Deus Ex – UNATCO Remix

칵스(The Koxx) – Fire Fox

John Carpenter – Vortex: Night Of The Comet (Starcadian Remix)

ONRA – I Wanna Go Back

toe – Goodbye ft. Toki Asako (starRo remix)

nagz – †これ冗談です†

Keiko Matsui – Mystic Dance

Miharu Koshi – Bonne Nuit Minouche (Haruomi Hosono Remix)

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