Radio OverCoat 2015-03-22: Lil’ O


Tonight I featured some new music by a bunch of cool artists! First up we had Disasterpeace with his soundtrack for the new highly-acclaimed horror film “It Follows,” and then two tracks off of cetera’s new Ramyn King EP, “Fancy Ramyn.” I also featured the incredible Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Remix EP, featuring of course M.O.O.N., Scattle, and Carpenter Brut. I also sprinkled through the playlist some Street Fever, of whom I just discovered their dark cyberpunk beats recently, as well as changing things up with a few songs from the Big O OST, which I think because of the amazing opening title theme, the rest of the soundtrack needed some love too. Read on for the full playlist:

Disasterpeace – Title

Snappleman – Name Entry

Toshihiko Sahashi – Name of God

Tothejazz – Unlikely Zero

Ramyn King – CUNE

Kero Kero Bonito – Picture This

Perfume – Chocolate Disco

gylzey – neotoric (oshi redo)

M.O.O.N. – Quixotic (Scattle Remix)

Street Fever – Disgrace [ZONE – Dystopian Elements]

AWE – Top Gun

Xe – Satori Vivace! (cYsmix Remix)


Scattle – Remorse (Carpenter Brut Remix)


Toshihiko Sahashi – Run Down

Justin Timberlake – Suit And Tie (Joshua Morse Remix)

Neil Cicierega – Numbers

Carpenter Brut – Le Perv (M.O.O.N. Remix)

Toshihiko Sahashi – Stand a Chance

Slow Magic – Hold Still (Street Fever Remix)

Neil Cicierega – Love Psych

Street Fever – Dark Circuits

M.O.O.N. – Dust (Carpenter Brut Remix)

Toshihiko Sahashi – Stoning

Carpenter Brut – Roller Mobster (Scattle Remix)

Ramyn King – Hot Bus Hellride

SevnthWonder – Dollar And A Dream

starRo – Sweet Lies of Sweet Love

Toshihiko Sahashi – Sure Promise

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