Radio OverCoat 2015-01-04: A Continuous Mix of cYsmix Remixes Called Continuous Mix But Really Should’ve Been Called Continuous cYsmix


First show of the year! And we start 2015 off with a bang as cYsmix released his new album, “Voodooism the Sequel” about a week and a half ago.  I didn’t have enough advance warning to nab it for last week’s show, but it worked out since tonight I played a lot of really great EDM after I played his album, all stuff from Comiket 87. The new Shibayan album is great, and you should definitely look out for those new Diverse System releases! Read on for the full playlist:

Clean Tears – Last Recollection

cYsmix – Continuous Mix (Voodooism the Sequel)

Shibayan – MyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyon!

3L – モノクロ・インザナイト

魂音泉 – Fade to Future

魂音泉 – On the Way Home

miko – 冷たすぎた夜空

Renko – fly away

Masayoshi Minoshima – Civilization Technologic

mican* – Sensitive Crisis

Nhato vs Taishi – SOL

maidable – Overhaste

Nhato – Do You Feel the Same

satella – Outworld

Taishi – Ehrenweg

Street – Aquarium

Babbe – Glassdrops

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