Radio OverCoat 2014-04-02: Don’t Turn Around


Kommisar made a new EP! You should check it out here: ! It’s free/name your price, please consider throwing a few bucks his way for making some awesome LSDJ dance tracks. I also featured on my show tonight a lot of songs from the Chiptunes=#SrsBsns Album that was released on April 1st. Tonight was pretty chiptune-heavy! Read on for the full tracklist:

Strong Bad is love.wav

Kommisar – Subconscience

Kommisar – Chizuru

Stardriver vs. Kommisar – Caduceus

Kommisar vs. The One Electronic – Sassafras (and Everything Spice)

easynam – マイペースでいきましょう (easynam pxtone mix)

Lapine – Tiger Spiral

coda – PLS GO FAST

Stemage – Mosaic feat. Cory Johnson (Tetris)

Jillian Aversa – The Secret Guards of Kalé

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE – Comic Bakery (Larger than Pop Boyband mix)

Theory of N – Bow Chippa Bow Wow

Kenny Beltrey – FFWD

Weebl – Doge Adventure

watashimo – tfw no gf

D&D Sluggers – Slam Jam (of the Year)

Tappy – Acid Shota

YZYX – I nyaned for hours ( ‘ w’)‼ feat. 初音ミク

an0va – President Hoodie’s Theme

DJ Arique – Giorgio by Fhqwhgads

Slime Girls – ふわふわ時間 (ANDROID MUSIC CLUB VER.)

Maxo – Tope Doge

Hizmi – Pyrotek Medley (Glitter)

Trabajo – Very Religious Family

Niyaz – The Hunt

Escape Philosophy – Coalescence and Luxation v4

Jillian Aversa – Will o’ the Wisp (with Christopher Tin)

Melt Channel – XX Fallen Angel (foo fighters edition)

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