Radio OverCoat 2013-12-18: OverCoat’s Diversity Lounge


unknown – resurrection (master)

cTrix – Reach for the Stars

cTrix – Tumble Run

cTrix – Futureblue

cTrix – Basewalk

cTrix – Light n0va

cTrix – Final Flight

cTrix – DX Heaven

Romeo Knight – Last-1 Left

Freuderson – Mom’s All Star Spaghetti

capsule – Uchuu Elevator

PoleJR @ PinkGator – Chocolate Rain : An Original Remix by PoleJR

Memme – Tiger Growl [WIP]

BeaT – Celestial Fantasia

Billy Idol – Neuromancer

nula & dusty – …with my final breath =)

Sir NutS, Usa – Frozen Heart (Biting Cold)

Daniel Lippert – Nyama Temple

Chris Huelsbeck – turrican ii.noise3

Drumhead – Symbol (You Should Cut)

Soul Coughing – Murder of Lawyers in Overcoats

Capsule – space station no.9

necros – isotoxin

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Nostalgia

Children of the Monkey Machine – Pure Land Total Darkness (Secret of Mana)

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