Radio OverCoat 2013-12-04: Baby Loaf


Read on for the full playlist:

Led Zeppelin – Your Time Is Gonna Come

Perfume – Spring of Life [Album-Mix]

Perfume – Spending All My Time [Album-Mix]

Perfume – Daijyobanai

Dicksoak – Fasten Your Seatbelts, We’re Going To Pizza Taco Funny

keith303 – Evaluate Your Life

Ryunosuke Kudo – SnipeHead

Clean Tears – Electric Adventure – Reverberations Remix

Garth Knight – Alpha

DJ Ten – Tronical (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix & Iye-D)

House of Pain/Richard Jacques – Everybody Jump Around, Obviously

Jeff Ball – Kinda Creepy

Ito Masumi – Yume no Naka no Watashi no Yume

Yousuke Yasui – YO-KAI Disco


Simon Stålenhag – Ripple Boogie

Joshua Morse – Traveling Velocity

Shnabubula and Gabe Terracciano – Civilized Folk

Shnabubula and Gabe Terracciano – The Prairie

Shnabubula and Gabe Terracciano – Untamed Wilds

Danimal Cannon – Jean Luc

Super Square – Anywhere Everywhere (feat. Helen Eugene)

Omodaka – Hietsuki Bushi

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Let’s Go Away -H Version-

lackluster – bothersome (mother mix)

xerxes – adrift

Disasterpeace – Flow

Terry Riley – G Song

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