Radio OverCoat 2013-05-08: Never Gonna do it Without the Fez On


Today’s main feature was a second [!] arrangement CD for FEZ, which you can get here on Loudr, as well as all 3 albums for only $12, if you don’t have any of them yet it’s a good deal! I also played 2 tracks from an artist debuting on Pterodactyl Squad, Renegade 8, and you can get his album for free here. At the end of the show I played a new song from Chouchou, Snowdrop, and also played a new Tesla Boy single! 😀 Read on for the playlist:

Astor Piazzolla – Jeanne y Paul

Renegade 8 – Subway Shadows

Renegade 8 – Smashin’ Back Doors

royal sefton – Oxygene X Remix

Tesla Boy – M.C.H.T.E.

Toshinobu Kubota – Drunkard Terry

Yousuke Yasui – Will Force

yogurtbox – アイセリアの過去 / Aiselia’s Past

Steely Dan – The Fez

Disasterpeace – FZ: Side E – Fin, Loom, Trail, Night, Launch

BR1GHT PR1MATE – Great Adventure

Big Giant Circles – Drain Pipe

Ben Prunty – Igneous Tor

Stemage – Mosaic feat. Cory Johnson (Tetris)

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Nice Age

Tesla Boy – 1991

Transient – Push it off the waterfall

Iamamiwhoami – Kill

Josh Whelchel – Monolith (feat. Amanda Appiarius)

aivi & surasshu – Come Back

Brent Kennedy – Beacon

Ryuichi Sakamoto – seven samurai

Chouchou – snowdrop

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