Radio OverCoat 2013-03-27: Thanks a Lot, Camoflage



Tesla Boy – 1991

Toshihiko Sahashi – Big O!(TV Size)

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Behind the Mask (The Orbital Remix)

little bitchard – Travelling at the Speed of Light

Hajime Fukuma – Music non stop

Lucky Princess – Text Me Too Much (Honmax Remix)

Fright Ranger – Werewolf Boyfriend (AKBK “DJ Command” Remix)

Quad City DJ’s vs Alexander Brandon – Go Dunk / Hyperslam

M&H Band – Popcorn

Purple Motion – UnreaL ][

Jaelyn Nisperos – Red’s Theme (STEP I: Shampoo) [Game 1]

Jaelyn Nisperos – Red’s Theme (STEP II: Conditioner) [Game 2]

Jaelyn Nisperos – Weaves of the Dyed Sky [Final Boss]

Jaelyn Nisperos – Red’s Theme (Dr. Ahoge’s ALL-ONE! FM mix) [Bonus Track]

Aliced Twilightz – Cheetah Girl

ST – Hometown

A_Rival – BREAK YA NECK 2012

soul coughing – the coffee song

KANAGAWA – Steve Harris

po! – sparkle in the midnight sky

troupe – astrojack

Frankie Paul – Rub-A-Dub Soldier

Koop – Absolute Space (Jazzanova Mix)

Prologue – Rain

Ryuichi Sakamoto – rain

Color Filter – Sad Grey Sky (Featuring AIKO)

Yoko Kanno – Where Does This Ocean Go?

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