Radio OverCoat 2012-11-21: 4mat This Night


A new 4mat album was released this week, called Sans Titre! I played a few tracks from that tonight, plus a few from the recently released Motorway by FearofDark. Also got more miscellaneous new sexy music by Diverse System, Kenichi Chiba, and more! Read on for the full playlist:

RGBleak – VCR

4mat – Popsnare

Fearofdark – Surfing On A Sine Wave

Aethernaut – 2011-2005=6

virt – DnB Chip Mix 2007

Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou – Sunshine

Ryunosuke Kudo – Sharp Shooting

4mat – True love

The Ice Choir – I Want You Now and Always

Yousuke Yasui – Bless you! boy

Wonderful★opportunity! – 8HIT

Diverse System – Count down

Diverse System – Escape from 10 minutes

Diverse System – gameover


칵스(The Koxx ) – Jump To The Light

撲殺少女工房 – Picolate

Tesla Boy – Fantasy

Kenichi Chiba – Twilight Avenue

Fearofdark – Polaris

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Focus

Chouchou – 空知らぬ雨、空に知られぬ雪 – sora shiranu ame, sora ni shirarenu yuki

4mat – Water and cigarettes

Jeremy Soule – Fear Not This Night

Isaac Schankler – Hyun-ae (Simple )

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