Radio OverCoat 2012-11-07: The Triumphant Return!


Radio OverCoat is BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! Different things kept my attention these last two weeks but I am pretty excited to bring the show back. I have some new material from M3-30, a music event that happened 2 weekends back. Great releases from SAISEN TURN and Diverse System. I also played a song from DJ Bouche’s new album which you can find here for free. Also discovered Zazen Boys, thanks to Shawn for the recommendation : ) I also promised links to the music videos for Games and Cartoons, and the fan-made one for Ocean Drive, so there you go! Read on for the full playlist:

Kill The Noise – Thumbs Up (For Rock N’ Roll ) with Feed Me

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Behind The Mask

DJ Bouche – Horizon

MYTK – Hours Upon Hours

RIGHT STUFF – Cloudside

SΔMMUS – Games & Cartoons


Miami Nights 1984 – Ocean Drive

Haruomi Hosono – Sports Men

Big Arrow – ブーブーいってる人

TitanKvad ft. Miku-chan – Nigerarenai

Tobacco – Lick The Witch

Aesop Rock/El-P – Run the Numbers

Yuy – Re:Birth


SAISEN TURN feat. Big Arrow – トップマン(S.S.T.N )

Herb Alpert – Behind the Rain

suge – 立ち寝プロ

.tao – .Eijji

Frank Klepacki – Hell March

Yuy – Cyber Labyrinth

Mitsunori Ikeda – Fallen Angel feat. Aimee B

Iamamiwhoami – Y

Infinity Shred – Untitled 001

Yuy – Peaceful Dream

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