Radio OverCoat 2012-07-18: Cool Analogue Story Bro


Today, I played some tracks from the recently-bought-on-Steam game, “Analogue: A Hate Story” and talked a bit about it in the beginning. I also played a few tracks throughout the show from the OST. Also, played some new SΔMMUS from her new “M’OTHER BRAIN” album. Read on for the full playlist!

プチ – SUMMER DIARY 「向日葵」

Isaac Schankler – The Smiths

Scooter – Apache

Folder 5 – Ready!

Miami Nights 1984 – New Tomorrow

Hot Butter vs. Electric Six – Gay Birdie Song

칵스(The KOXX ) – 얼음땡

Laurent Garnier – Crispy Bacon (Gil’r Versatile Mix )

SΔMMUS – Kanye West feat. Chance Fischer

Iamamiwhoami – U By Khonnor

Giant Claw – Spirit Heal Me

Danny Baranowsky – VVVVVV ‘Clubbed Baby VVVVVVeal’

Darkwood Dub – Zeneva

Quinn Fox – Redrun Green

Rando-K(ミクルガの人) – YU-NO 「異世界2」

m0d – 404

JAKAZiD – Tiggers

Blaizer – StarStruck

Daniel Lippert – Nyama Temple

Isaac Schankler – Hyun-ae (Innocence )

Asturias – Phoenix

Lemon Demon – Really Cool Wig

djtBMX & Heosphoros – triplepoint(fmcover )

iamamiwhoami – Goods

Isaac Schankler – Mute (Feelings )

Chouchou – 紫苑 – shion

iamamiwhoami – Play

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