Radio OverCoat 2011.12.21 – Why Can’t I, Hold All These 3-Hour Shows? Christmastime Special


Tonight I had the opportunity to do yet another 3 hour show, started off with Flik’s amazing “PubeDragon” advert from the “Are You Tired?” compo hosted by virt, and played some assorted new stuff alongside a ton of chiptunes and Christmas music. Read on for the full playlist!


Flik – PubeDragon

DJ DYNOBOT – Price is Right Theme

Yukihiro Takahashi – Stop In The Name Of Love

housethegrate – Snowflake Sweetheart (JHC078 )

Toshinobu Kubota – Merry Merry Miracle

Skrypnyk – Automatic Sliding Doors

maktone – greensleves [sic]

yana – オズネイ・ハマンはもういらない

firefox – enigma.mod

Real Fish – Bit Walk

Coax – Alice Lesson 1

spctrm – Grimoire of Alice I

Nujabes + Fat Jon – aruarian dance

xerxes – subzero

Coax – A Gift From Me To You

Fukuzawa Yumi (Ueda Kana ), Shimazu Yoshino (Ikezawa Haruna ), Toudou Shimakao (Noto Mamiko ) – JOY TO THE WORLD

po! – totoro’s groove

Casiopea – Twinkle Wing


D Fast – North & south

Coax – Escaping Princess

zebra – The Pyramid

zinger – Hibernation Hacker

nula & dusty – …with my final breath = )

T-Square – We’ll Never Have A Trouble

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Kai-Koh

Jazzcat – No Chemtrails Today

Skaven – The Alchemist

Real Fish – By Me


ゆよゆっぺ – 陽だまりの詩

Coax – Carol

Geeky Stoner – Icicles

loonie – pitstop

Nujabes – Flowers

zebra – The World Breathes Through Her

iamamiwhoami – Clump

beek – dolphin island

Matt Creamer – Drone Synths 1 – 1.11

Ghidorah – GhidaPoP

xerxes – snowball

Aleksi Eeben – Northwest Passage

Real Fish – 被写体

Kami Wo Wasurete Iwaeyo X’mas

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