Nitro Game Injection #181: A Very Baraka Christmas (Winter Special )


It’s an episode mired in technical difficulties, but Kyle, Larry, and Slider power through it to cap off a great year with a playlist of some very wintery selections put together by all three hosts. Slider dabbles into some Sonic, Harvest Moon, NiGHTS, and Mega Man Zero; Kyle has two selections from Mario games, a track from Ubiktune‘s fantastic compilation Wintertunes, and some Super Dodge Ball; and Larry hits some more obscure cuts from Border Down, Dewy’s Adventure and Clover Hearts, along with some choice hits from¬†Contra and Omega Five¬†available on OverClocked ReMix.

We would like to wish all of our listeners a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year! NGI will return in 2012!
1. Jun Senoue – Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy (Original work from Sonic Adventure [DC/GCN/PC] :: )
2. Jivemaster – Snow (arrangement of ‘Diamond Dust Zone’ from Sonic 3D Blast [SAT] :: )
3. Nakajima Dai – Winter HM (Original work from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life [GCN] :: )
4. Tomoko Sasaki, Naofumi Hataya – Jack Frost’s Chime Complete Ver. (Original work from Christmas NiGHTS [SAT] :: )
5. III – Trail on Powdery Snow (arrangement from Mega Man Zero 3 [GBA] :: )
6. pingosimon, Bobby Winston, Baraka – All Are Welcome Here at Vanilla Lake Resort (arrangement of ‘Vanilla Lake’ from Super Mario Kart [SNES] :: )
7. Diggi Dis – Snowballs (arrangement of ‘Team Iceland’ from Super Dodge Ball [Arcade] :: )
8. zinger – Hibernation Hacker (original work :: )
9. Jonas Tunander – Cool Cool Mountain (arrangement from Super Mario 64 [N64] :: )
10. tefnek – Snow Field (arrangement of ‘Ice Fortress (Tsundora )’ from Contra [Arcade/NES] :: )
11. Yasuhisa Watanabe – Snow Fox (stage 5 ) (Original work from Border Down [Arcade] :: )
12. MANYO (Tomomi Teratani ) – On Thin Ice (Original work from Clover Hearts [PC] :: )
13. Hiroshi Tanabe – Frozen Frequency (Original work from Dewy’s Adventure [Wii] :: )
14. Another Soundscape – Neon Glaciers (arrangement of ‘Stage 1: The glacial fortress’ from Omega Five [XBLA] :: )
15. Liontamer – Wild Wild IceCap (arrangement of ‘Ice Cap Zone Act 2’ from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 [GEN] :: )


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