Open Circuit on 8BitX #002 “Fresh Chips”


Loaded with chiptunes, this jam-packed Open Circuit keeps it fresh with some of the latest releases from Chiptunes = Win and Weekly Treats.


Villainest – Evil Party [Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 4]

Yerzmyey – Time Machine II [#29| Yerzmyey // Gasman]
an0va – nerd table at the high school cafeteria of life [#20| an0va // Little Paw]
Phonetic Hero – Curveball [#22| Protodome // Phonetic Hero]

knife city – Choice [Star Versus OST]
knife city – Passing Horizons [Star Versus OST]
knife city – Pride Does Not Die [Star Versus OST]
LuketheX – Area 5 (Bionic Commando) [The VRC6 EP]
Ap0c – Präludium und Tanz [Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 4]

Stig – Corridor of Blades [Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 4]
Monomer – Lexicon [Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 4]
Zantilla – Wurmcoil Engine [Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 4]

c&sstockreports – Magician [7-21-15]
Animal Style – Breezeway (Live) [Live at 8static]
Cheap Dinosaurs – Godzilla (NES) (Live) [Live at 8static Festival 2014]

SID64 – End Credits [Future Nostalgia]

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