Noise Channel Now Taking Requests For Valentine’s Day!

TrueStar here!

Normally I’m not a big fan of Valetine’s Day.  Love is something that should be expressed in little ways every day!  However…how awesome would it be to remind your special someone how much you adore them with a chiptune?!

On February 16th, Noise Channel will have its very first Valentine’s Day Special!  Here’s how it’ll work.:

1.  Do you have someone special you’d like to dedicate a song to or have a message for?  It can be a girl/boyfriend, husband/wife, or even a good friend.  Don’t have anyone worthy enough of a dedication?  Fuck it then, dedicate a song to yourself!  Lets throw tradition right out of the window.

2.  Email the name of the song that you would like played, along with who it is dedicated to (and a message to be read if desired ) to [email protected].

3.  Tune in with that special someone (or someones..? ) on February 16th and have a fantastic time!

I think I’ll play a song for Nugget.  He’s the puggle of my life. :3


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