Nitro Game Injection #82: Digitally Refined


Sons of Angels – NASCAR Arcade Star-Spangled Banner
Jun Senoue – SEGA Rally Championship – Conditioned Reflex ~ Getting Muddy (J.S. Kickstart ReMix ’99 )

Host Segment – Typical show introduction, stuff is really lined up already! Pimping The Power-Ups website ( )

The Power-Ups – Metroid Ending Theme (Requested by Shawn Phase )
Crow’s Claw – Crashing Soul … Fencer of Gale – Fate-Stay night
Toshiharu Yamanishi, Tomomi Ohtani – Thunder Force IV Remind Revolution
Jellyfish – Ignorance is Bliss
Chromolodeon – Ninja Gaiden II Finale

Host Segment – 8-bit Block! Chiptunes galore from Shawn Phase ( )

Hally Utabi – Three Tennies (Requested by Shawn Phase )
Frederik Schikowski – Mein Kleines Pony (LuxNigra 1999 ) (Requested by Shawn Phase )
Miki Higashino – Life Force Cell Stage (Stage 1 )
Shawn Phase of Temp Sound Solutions – The Uncertainty Principle
Eric’s Little Shack – Super Castlevania IV

Host Segment – The Weekly Dose of Duels! Featuring the top 3 Dwelling of Duels entries from the Free Month, May to June 2004. )

Ailsean – F-Zero Flying Hachi-Roku
Ashane – Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Red Cap Assault
Norrin Radd – Double Dragon 3 Bretts Requiem ~ Flight of a Dragon

Crush 40 – Sonic Adventure 2 Live & Learn (Requested by Ranger-X )
The Best of Video Game Music – Xevious
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Daytona USA B-Univ Let’s Go Away
V. Setsuo, Sato Tomozoh, Yuko Kadota, Kirry – Mega Man X Spark Mandrill Stage (Requested by Nuttz )

Host Segment – The Tron Block; a huge amount of requests from Tron16

Colin, Steph, Sherv, Dave Z, Matsunami, Mig50 – Rambo I Feel Better in Prison (Requested by Tron16 )
OneUp Mushrooms – Super Mario World Super Mario’s Sleigh Ride OC ReMix (Requested by Tron16 )
The Minibosses – CV2 Dracula’s Castle (Live at the Rehab 10-28-00 ) (Requested by Tron16 )
Grospixels – Contra (Requested by Tron16 )
Parasprinter – Ninja Gaiden II The Parasprinter (Requested by Tron16 )
The NESkimos – (Sea ) Snake Man (Requested by Tron16 )
analoq – Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island MooSE (Requested by Tron16 )

Host Segment – Song identification, small dialogue about the Children of the Monkey Machine background music

Star Salzman – Xenogears Pillar of Salt OC ReMix (Requested by Boogie )
Inti Creates Japan – Mega Man Zero 3 Remastered Tracks Everlasting Red
dor-x – Moon Patrol
Virt & The Smash Bros. – Life Force
Absolute Hope – Tales of Phantasia Fighting of the Spirit
Shawn Phase of Temp Sound Solutions – Metal Max Track 8
BrainCells, CarboHydroM – Thunder Force III Dual Storm

Host Segment – Worshipping BrainCells and CarboHydroM; RKO Commodore 64 remix pimpage ( )

Daniel Baranowsky, Vigilante, zyko – Earthworm Jim 2 Invertebrate Retreat OC ReMix
analoq – Sonic The Hedgehog 2 sonik metro (Requested by Eric Dude )
S|r NutS (feat. Mae ) – Sonic Adventure Lightspeed OC ReMix
Crazy Crackaz – River City Ransom River City Rap (Requested by EmptyEye )
Reuben Kee – Street Fighter 2 Ryu for Four Pianos OC ReMix
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Street Fighter Tribute Ryu Stage
virt – Metal Slug Rocket Lounger (Requested by Electronic Toothbrush )
Hidenori Shoji – F-Zero GX – Our Hero (Requested by EmptyEye )

Host Segment – NGI VG Music Feature Artist of the Week: CarboHydroM ( )

CarboHydroM – Pop’n Twinbee Fruits Attack
CarboHydroM – Ducktales The Duck Side of the Moon
CarboHydroM – Zelda 2 Blood of Ganon
CarboHydroM – Mega Man 2 Ego Curse
CarboHydroM – Super Mario Kart Secret 1000cc Mode
CarboHydroM – Zelda: A Link to the Past The Imprisoning War
CarboHydroM – Space Harrier Limitless Skies OC ReMix
CarboHydroM – Final Fantasy VII Fight On OC ReMix

Host Segment – A load of CHM, Some dialogue on Space Harrier and its difficulty, some stuff about Twinbee (anybody played it? );

Hidenori Shoji – F-Zero GX – Cover of Red Canyon’s Theme (Goroh, The Vengeful Samurai )
AmIEvil – Super Mario Bros. 3 Battle Rocks OC ReMix
Koichi Sugiyama – Dragon Warrior IV Symphonic Suite Elegy
Ryan8bit – Dragon Warrior IV The Grief of Aktemto OC ReMix
Nintendopella – Dr. Mario Directors Cut
Sketch – Super Mario Bros.
Daknit Bard of Tarot & Eric Dude – Resident Evil 2 LostSanctuaryJazz OC ReMix

Host Segment – A little about the goodness of OverClocked ReMix; NGI’s second anniversary next week! Some reminiscing; Signing off

Rexy – Sonic & Knuckles Tomorrow’s Wake OC ReMix
Tatsuya Uemura – Zero Wing For Great Justice (Requested by Ranger-X )
Shael Riley – Duck Hunt The Music of My Duck
analoq – Phantasy Star Wanta Phanta OC ReMix
zyko – Super Mario Bros. Brothaz 4 Life
Grospixels – Super Mario Bros. 2 Ending
Kareshi – Metroid Piano Act I ~ Act II ~ Final Act (Requested by ironyengine )

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