Nitro Game Injection #402: Dazzled


Video game music? Who listens to that crap? You do if you listen to this episode of Nitro Game Injection, featuring music from X-Men: The Arcade Game, Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing, Zelda, Terranigma, and more!

WillRock – Nitroglycerin Injection (Theme of KNGI :: Bandcamp)
The Fresh Men – X-Men (X-Men: The Arcade Game [ARC] :: Bandcamp)

GaMetal, insaneintherainmusic, Sax Dragon – The Battle of Award 42 (A Hat in Time [PC :: YouTube)
Eight.bit Commando – Title Music (Vixen [AMI] :: Bandcamp)
Project Genesis – Dr. Cossack Stage 3 & 4 (Mega Man 4 [NES] :: YouTube)

Vector Hold – Main Theme (Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge [AMI] :: Bandcamp)
Dominic Ninmark – Wii Shop Channel [Eurobeat Remix] (Nintendo Wii [WII] :: YouTube)
Mike Norvak, Fernito – Eighties Ate My Zombies (Zombies Ate My Neighbors [SNES] :: OverClocked ReMix)

longestsoloever – Slayer Gates (Doom Eternal [XBONE/PS4/PC] :: YouTube)
ToxicxEternity – Into the Fray (Fury3 [PC] :: YouTube)
Ferdk – Fight On! (Final Fantasy VII [PS1] :: YouTube)

Yuzoboy – Flying Battery Zone Act 3 [Good Future Remix] (Sonic 3 & Knuckles [GEN] :: YouTube)
Loeder – K.K. Rockabilly [8-bit; 2A03] (Animal Crossing [GCN] :: YouTube)
Savaged Regime – Japonesque [YM2612 Rearranged] (Shinobi III [GEN] :: YouTube)

Black Ace – TEYANDEE! (Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (Samurai Pizza Cats) [NES] :: OverClocked ReMix)
Mozzaratti – Vortz Stage Remix [VS Series] (Tuff E Nuff [SNES] :: YouTube)
Prince uf Darkness, Connor Engstrom, The Tiberian Sons – Full Mast (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker [GEN], The Legend of Zelda [NES] :: Dwelling of Duels)

Vurez – The Dungeon Beneath (Legacy of the Wizard [NES] :: YouTube)
Banjo Guy Ollie – Passing Breeze (Out Run [ARC] :: Bandcamp)
Ro Panuganti – DOOM Music.. in Animal Crossing Style (DOOM [PC] :: YouTube)

MYRONE – 1 GUITAR 4 THE WORLD 3 (Original work :: Bandcamp)
Jorito, Sirenstar, Juan Medrano – Will We Meet Again? (Terranigma [SNES] :: OverClocked ReMix)
FamilyJules – Pizza Theme (Spider-Man 2 [PS2] :: YouTube)

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