Nitro Game Injection #353: A Daemon Rises


This week, Nitro Game Injection checks out what’s new in the world of Dwelling of Duels and OverClocked ReMix, walks down Artist Alley with Little V, and pays tribute to Shizzie and DoD regular Sean “Daemon9623” Babbitt, who sadly lost his life in tragedy last week.

01.WillRock – Nitroglycerin Injection (Theme of KNGI :: Amazon)
02.RoBKTA – Something Jazzy Burnin’ Rubber Right There [Hideki Naganuma Battle Royale Mega-Mashup] (Ridge Racer Type 4 [PS1], Ollie King [ARC], Sonic Rush [DS] :: YouTube)

03.insaneintherainmusic – Bob-Omb Battlefield (Super Mario 64 [N64] :: Amazon)
04.The 8-Bit Big Band – Chocobo Theme [60s Surf Big Band Version] (Final Fantasy II [NES] :: YouTube)
05.Super Soul Bros. – Waluigi Pinball [Live at PAX Prime 2017] (Mario Kart DS [DS] :: YouTube)

ARTIST ALLEY – Little V :: YouTube
06.Little V – I Am All of Me (Shadow The Hedgehog [PS2/XBOX/GCN] :: Amazon)
07.Little V – Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat [FILM] :: YouTube)
08.Little V – Megalovania (Undertale [PC] :: Amazon)

09.Anthony Walters – Planet Surface [Extended SID Mix] (Steel Ranger [C64] :: KWED)
10.JemenJ – Gotham city street Dance remix (Batman [GEN] :: YouTube)
11.Laura Platt, Pasma3Music – Press Garden Zone [Chillwave Remix] (Sonic Mania [PC/SWI/XBONE/PS4] :: Amazon)

OVERCLOCKED BLOCK – Selections of recent releases from OverClocked ReMix
12.Guifrog – Sakura Storm (Phantasy Star IV [GEN] :: OverClocked ReMix)
13.DDRKirby(ISQ) – Air Man’s 9-bit Rock and Roll (Mega Man 2 [NES] :: OverClocked ReMix)
14.Sir_NutS – Partons à l’Aventure (Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun [GBC] :: OverClocked ReMix)

DOSE OF DUELS – Selections from March 2019 Uematsu Month :: Dwelling of Duels
15.Cory Johnson – Dear to the Heart (Final Fantasy VII [PS1] :: Dwelling of Duels)
16.Ivan Hakštok – Hunter’s Landing (Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX [PS1] :: Dwelling of Duels)
17.Hat – Tango in the Sewer (Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: Dwelling of Duels)

IN MEMORIAM – Sean “Daemon9623” Babbitt :: Dwelling of Duels
18.Daemon9623 – Supernova (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 [PC/PS3/XB360])
19.Daemon9623 – Swing Chameleon (Mega Man X [SNES])
20.Daemon9623 – Full Nelson (Double Dragon [NES])
21.Daemon9623, Czyszy, pingosimon – Indiana Jones and Magnum P.I.: Rescue Rangers (Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 [NES])
22.Daemon9623 – Closer to You [Instrumental Ver.] (Misty Blue [PC-88])

23.Ro Panuganti – Rumbling of the Earth (Baten Kaitos [GCN] :: YouTube)
24.ToxicxEternity – PALACE THEME (Zelda II: Adventure of Link [NES] :: Amazon)
25.FamilyJules, Grant Kirkhope – Final Battle (Banjo-Kazooie [N64] :: YouTube)
26.Lame Genie – Touchdown Theme (Tecmo Super Bowl [NES] :: Bandcamp)

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