Nitro Game Injection #246: Birthday Blowout (Rarities Special)


It’s Kyle’s birthday! He celebrates by sharing some of the deeper cuts from his VGM remix library, including stuff from Sir NutS, M-H, NESkimos, Stemage, Rosencrantz & guildensterN, Machinae Supremacy, and tons more, while Larry also learns a valuable lesson.

1.Machinae Supremacy – Chuck Rock (arrangement of ‘Theme’ from Chuck Rock [C64] :: )
2.Rosencrantz & guildensterN – The Tragic Formerly Known as Prince (arrangement of ‘The Tragic Prince’ from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [PS1/SAT] :: )
3.Motherbrain! – Super Mario Bros. 2 (arrangement of ‘Overworld BGM’ from Super Mario Bros. 2 [NES] :: )

4.Sixto Sounds – Bahamut Lagoon (arrangement of ‘Jojo’s Theme’ from Bahamut Lagoon [SFC] :: )
5.Sir NutS, analoq – Unmasked Darkness (arrangement of ‘Devilish Influence’ from Ninja Gaiden [NES] :: )
6.Classic Smack – La Sirena de Español [Spicy Tabasco Remix] (arrangement of ‘June Mermaid’ from Xenogears [PS1] :: )

7.analoq – Theme (arrangement of ‘Dancing Megalopolis’ from SimCity 2000 [PC])
8.High Score project – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (medley arrangement of music from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game [NES] :: )
9.M-H – Don Corneo, I am Ready to Fight (arrangement of ‘Fighting’ from Final Fantasy VII [PS1] :: )

10.ULTRANOMICON – Dragon Warrior (medley arrangement of music from Dragon Quest [NES] :: )
11.Sprite Slowdown – Road Rash (arrangement of music from Road Rash [GEN] :: )
12.Cursor – Mario Spookhuts (arrangement of ‘Haunted House BGM’ from Super Mario World [SNES] :: )

13.NESkimos – Zelda Darkworld (arrangement of ‘Dark World’ from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past [SNES] :: )
14.Tansunn – Legend of Silpheed (arrangement of music from Legend of Silpheed [PC-88])
15.Stage 3-1 – To Make The End Of Battle (arrangement of ‘To Make the End of Battle’ from Ys II [PC-88] :: )

16.The Hill Valley Preservation Society – Eight Bit Trilogy (medley arrangement of music from Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., and Metroid [NES] :: )
17.Stemage – Brinstar [Rough Mix] (arrangement of ‘Brinstar – Red Soil Wetland Area’ and ‘Brinstar – Plant Overgrowth Area’ from Super Metroid [SNES] :: )
18.Generic – Inside, Outside, Victory (medley arrangement of music from Wizards & Warriors [NES] :: )

19.ansgaros – Corneria (arrangement of ‘Corneria’ from StarFox [SNES] :: )
20.prozax – Dream Racing (arrangement of ‘Rainbow Road’ from Mario Kart 64 [N64] :: Removed/ )
21.8bitz – Who We Be (medley arrangement of music from Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Metroid [NES] :: )
22.Toshiaki Sakoda – Round Clear (from M.U.S.H.A. [GEN])

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