Nitro Game Injection #221: Nemo’s Wrath


On this edition of NGI, Kyle and Larry talk chips, Nemo kicking the ass of the east coast, get uber-nerdy about superheroine costumes, and discuss both the untimely deaths of Commodore USA CEO Barry Altman and Heavy Rain composer Normand Corbeil. They also check out more entries from the MAGFest 2013 Dwelling of Duels competition, a smattering of musical arrangements from sports games, a brand new track from OverClocked ReMix and KWED.

1. Nerd Army – Mushroom Forest (arrangement of ‘Mushroom Forest’ from Little Nemo: The Dream Master [NES] :: )
2. minibosses – sports!!! (medley arrangement of music from RC Pro-Am, Pro Wrestling, Blades of Steel, and Rad Racer [NES] :: )
3. Aktulua – House of the Rising Hero (arrangement of music from Azure Dreams [PS1] :: )
4. Mordi – A Trace of Space (arrangement of music from A Trace of Space [C64] :: )
5. Ryan8bit – The World Needs a Hiryu (arrangement of music from Strider [Arcade] :: )
6. Guifrog – Little Glockenspiel (arrangement of ‘Space Junk Road’ from Super Mario Galaxy [Wii] :: )
7. Tuberz McGee – In the Line of Duty…Or Something (medley arrangement of music from Metal Gear Solid, Contra, Castlevania, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV, Mega Man 2, Street Fighter II :: )
8. Quarter Circle Jab – Sports Medley (medley arrangement of music from NBA Jam, Super Baseball Simulator 1000, World Series Baseball, Skate or Die! :: )
9. M-H, norg – NOT IN THIS LIFETIME, PARTNER (medley arrangement of music from Tecmo Bowl [NES], Tecmo World Wrestling [NES], Tecmo World Cup ’92 [Genesis] :: )
10. DusK – Rawk-It Night (arrangement of music from Sparkster [Genesis] :: )
11. Kunal Majmudar – From Downtown (arrangement of music from NBA Jam [Arcade] :: )
12. Nobuhiro Makino – Bay Side City (original work from Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-Arm [SEGA CD] :: )
13. SnappleMan – Burning my Mannly Soul (arrangement of music from Goemon’s Great Adventure [N64] :: )
14. Andrew Goldin – Outer Rings (arrangement of music from Kirby’s Epic Yarn [Wii] :: )
15. Hat – You Guys Pho King Asked For It (arrangement of music from Street Fighter II [Arcade], Mega Man 2 [NES] :: )
16. Normand Corbeil – Last Breath (original work from Heavy Rain :: )

1. Junko Tamiya – Mushroom Forest (Little Nemo: The Dream Master)
2. Junko Tamiya – Toy House (Little Nemo: The Dream Master)
3. Junko Tamiya – Night Sea (Little Nemo: The Dream Master)
4. Junko Tamiya – Nemo’s House (Little Nemo: The Dream Master)
5. Junko Tamiya – Cloud Ruins (Little Nemo: The Dream Master)
6. Junko Tamiya – Nightmare Land (Little Nemo: The Dream Master)
7. Junko Tamiya – The End (Little Nemo: The Dream Master)

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