Nitro Game Injection #213: Guinea Pig Run


Kyle and Larry are BACK! Nitro Game Injection returns with the usual shenanigans, interruptions, and silliness you expect, as well as the awesome video game music you crave! The guys check out some new tracks from Bryface, jdproject, Super Guitar Bros, Those Who Fight, Hat, mv and many more, covering great games like Ys III, Street Fighter, Borderlands 2, Angry Birds, and Mega Man 3. They also crack a joke that Jordan “bLiNd” Aguirre and Joel “Jivemaster” Bird should remix Jordan vs. Bird, and then are surprised when it turns out the game has awesome music by Rareware legend David Wise. Larry also creates a new character for the upcoming Dreamcast 2 exclusive, Knuckles Chaotix 2: Gerbil the Guinea Pig! (artwork by Rexy )

1. Fumio Ito, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – BATTLE ON THE EDGE – Mitsuyoshi Ver. (from Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge [Arcade] :: )

2. Machinae Supremacy – All of My Angels (from Rise of a Digital Nation :: )
3. Bryface – Go! Go! ROKKO CHAN (arrangement from ROKKO-CHAN [Flash] :: )

4. Xavier “mv” Dang – GAME START (from the Mega Man 11 Soundtrack Project :: )
5. Xavier “mv” Dang – CRACKING WHIP (WHIP WOMAN STAGE ) (from the Mega Man 11 Soundtrack Project :: )
6. Xavier “mv” Dang – BOILING EGG (EGG MAN STAGE ) (from the Mega Man 11 Soundtrack Project :: )
7. Eino Keskitalo – Kningjan Grailden (arrangement of music from Ninja Gaiden [XBox] and Knight’n’Grail [C64] :: )

8. Steel Battalion, Sunil Carris – Four Seasons of the Blues (arrangement of ‘Autumn’, ‘Spring’, ‘Summer’, and ‘Winter’ from Harvest Moon [SNES] :: )
9. Jesper Kyd – Main Menu (from Borderlands 2 [PC/PS3/XB360] :: )

10. Hat – Over World (arrangement of ‘Overworld BGM’ from Super Mario World [SNES] :: )
11. SuperGuitarBros – Acoustonic (medley arrangement of music from Sonic the Hedgehog [GEN] :: )

12. Rexy – Snappleman Stole My Scrambled Eggs (arrangement of ‘Main Theme’ from Angry Birds [iOS/Android] :: )
13. jdproject – Ryu Next Generation (RNG ) (arrangement of ‘Ryu Stage’ from Street Fighter II [Arcade] :: )

14. Those Who Fight – Madness of Science (arrangement of ‘Devil’s Lab’ from Final Fantasy VI [SNES] :: )
15. Omigadrive – The Darker Side of Fantasy (arrangement of music from Final Fantasy [NES] :: )

16. Toshiharu Okajima – Strongest Foe (arrangement of ‘The Strongest Foe’ from Ys III: The Oath of Felghana [PC] :: )
17. Mitsuhiro Ohta – Ending from ROCKMAN3 (arrangement of ‘ENDING’ from Mega Man 3 [NES] :: )
18. zyk0 – Punchfest 7 – Sequels – Sibling Rivalry (Mario and Luigi Run Out of Time During Their Punchfest ) (Super Mario Bros. 2 ) (3:31 )
19. R0CKET SAUCE!!! – Slamba Yetu (Mashup of ‘Space Jam’ by Quad City DJs and ‘Baba Yetu’ from Civilization IV [PC] :: )

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