Nitro Game Injection #196: Attention Deficit (Benjamin Briggs Double Feature Listening Party & Interview Special )


Larry FINALLY returns, and Benjamin Briggs (formerly known as chthonic ) joins him and Kyle to host a listening party dedicated to a double dose of VGM remix EPs: Diddy Kong Racing: Bootleg Circuit and Snake Man Vs. The World! The show features an extensive interview with Ben, including details on his musical history, his collaborations with OverClocked ReMix star and friend of the show halc under the name Insert Rupee, What he’s working on with Dj CUTMAN, why he changed his name, and of course, his feelings on pepperoni as a pizza topping. Check it out!

1. Insert Rupee – Facing Fears (arrangement of ‘Castle & Fortress’ from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island [SNES] :: )
2. Benjamin Briggs – Hi There! (arrangement of ‘Lobby’ from Diddy Kong Racing N64 :: )
3. Benjamin Briggs – Stupid Monkey Beach Party (arrangement of ‘Crescent Island’ from Diddy Kong Racing N64 :: )
4. Benjamin Briggs – Hot Pockets (arrangement of ‘Hot Top Volcano’ from Diddy Kong Racing N64 :: )
5. Benjamin Briggs – Royal Rumble (arrangement of ‘Boss Race’ from Diddy Kong Racing N64 ::!/bbriggsmusic )
6. Benjamin Briggs – Interstellar Dream Disco (arrangement of ‘Darkmoon Caverns’ from Diddy Kong Racing N64 :: )
7. Benjamin Briggs – Dubious Brother (arrangement of ‘Snake Man Stage’ from Mega Man 3 [NES], ‘Wily Stage 1’ from Mega Man 10 [WII/XB360/PS3] :: )
8. Benjamin Briggs – Copperhead Drumstep (arrangement of ‘Snake Man Stage’ from Mega Man 3 [NES], Mr. X Fortress from Mega Man 6 [NES] :: )
9. Benjamin Briggs – Raging Reptile (arrangement of ‘Snake Man Stage’ from Mega Man 3 [NES], ‘Wily Stage 2’ from Mega Man 9 [WII/XB360/PS3] :: )
10. Benjamin Briggs – Bubble Man’s Requiem (arrangement of ‘Snake Man Stage’ from Mega Man 3 [NES], ‘Wily Machine’ from Mega Man 10 [WII/XB360/PS3] :: )
11. Insert Rupee – Why So Serious? (medley arrangement of music from Super Mario Land [GB] :: )


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