Nitro Game Injection #171: Around the World (Super Dodge Ball OC ReMix Project Listening Party )


Join Nitro Game Injection in celebrating the long-awaited release of Around the World, an album tribute to the arcade and NES classic, Super Dodge Ball! Walan, the man behind the initial creation of the album, joins co-director Kyle, along with Larry and Slider, as they discuss what went into the album’s creation and direction, as well as giving a track-by-track breakdown of all of the music featured on the album. There were also not one but TWO art challenges this week: Slider’s ATW-tan Vs. Kunio-kun, AND The Otaku’s Classy ATW-tan! For those who missed the listening party in the chatroom, you can view the chatlog from the event right here!

All featured tracks are arrangements of the Super Dodge Ball soundtrack, composed by Kazuo Sawa. Available for free download from!


1. pu freak – Around the World (Title )
2. bLiNd – Dodge This Sakura (Vs. Team Japan )

3. Hoha – Birmingham Beatdown (Vs. Team England )
4. Protricity, bustatunez, Level 99, Jeff Ball – Dodge Mahal (Vs. Team India )

5. Rexy, Monobrow – Almost Frozen (Vs. Team Iceland )
6. ergosonic – Big Blue Ballin’ (Vs. Team Shadow )

7. Dj Mokram – Six Dodge Balls and a Lotus Flower (Vs. Team China )
8. DCT, LuIzA, Mega Ran, Mr. Jones, Khakolak Boy – Nairobi Hop (Vs. Team Kenya )

9. AkumajoBelmont, Dimmignatt – I Lost My Balls in Moscow (Vs. Team USSR )
10. Andy Jayne – Lightspeed (Vs. Pro All-Stars )

11. Chrono – Doppelgänger (Vs. Team Shadow )
12. WillRock, Level 99 – Friendly Fire (Versus Play )

13. Ryan8bit – Kill Bill (Bean Ball )
14. 8 Bit Instrumental – A Ultima Carimbada (Ending )

15. Sixto Sounds – Go Balls Deep! (Versus Play )
16. Harmony – Whakisi (WIP ) [Vs. Team Kenya]

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